International Student Experience.

This Postgraduate Virtual Open Day is a chance to talk to current international students at the University, who are happy to share their experience about coming to the UK and settling in.

You can get more information specific to students travelling to the UK from your country on our website. There is also some practical information on practical matters (such as what to pack and the start of university life in Birmingham).

You can find more information on the campus and how to get around here.

We have a number of international students and alumni amongst our Postgraduate Mentors. You are welcome to ask them any questions you have about what it’s like to study at Birmingham or make the transition to living and studying in the UK.

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Speaker profiles

  • Stefanie Holke

    Stefanie is a current student and came to Birmingham from Germany. Live Q&A 15:00-16:00

  • Irene Onyango

    Irene is a current student and came to Birmingham from Kenya. Live Q&A 15:00-17:00

  • April Cheung

    April is a current student. Live Q&A 15:00-17:00

  • Opeyemi Oriniowo

    Opeyemi is a current student and came to Birmingham from Nigeria. Live Q&A 15:00-17:00

  • Anja Benedikt

    Anja is a current PhD student and came to Birmingham from Germany. Live Q&A 15:00-17:00

  • Ruth Léger

    Ruth recently finished her PhD and came to Birmingham from the Netherlands. Live Q&A 15:00-17:00

    Ruth Leger

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the International Student Experience. live event.
Arjun asked:

What’s the approximate number of students doing the MA History?

Ruth replied:

Hi Arjun, the short answer is that depends. For example, last year there were 14 students doing the MA History. For different modules, that number will vary though.

choice asked:

thanks alot for the help! finally would the birmingham student diary still be available for purchase during the welcome week? where can i make a purchase? Thank You!

April Cheung replied:

Hi Choice! They have the diary on sale all year around at the Aston Webb building (the big beautiful one in the middle of campus). Or they have some different coloured ones in the John Smith bookshop also on campus in Uni Centre which is more like a normal diary and in my opinion is nicer but they don’t have the important days and contact details on it. I would say it’s worth having a look at both to see what you prefer 🙂

We have come to the end of our Q&A session today. Thank you very much to everyone who took part – I hope we managed to be of assistance and provide the information that you were looking for.

We will hold many more of these virtual open day events over the coming months, including school- and programme-specific ones, with specially made videos featuring staff, students, alumni and employers. Please check back to the main Virtual Open Day page ( now and again to see what we’ve got lined up for the future. If you’d like to visit our campus (in real life!), our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on 13 November 2015. We also run bespoke campus tours throughout term time.

Many thanks to our speakers for fielding questions today.


choice asked:

please i’ve been unable to edit my personal details such as address on the ‘’ portal. Could you give any help on maybe the tab/icon, i should select after login? thanks

Anja replied:

Hi Choice,
you can select the my.programme tab. Once you are on that page, the top right gives you the option to register online. When you click on this, all the details that you have previously provided for registration will appear. You can simply select the address tab and change your address on there. I hope this helps.

Nikos Mylonas asked:

Thanks again. However, my country of residence is Greece which is under a difficult condition of capital controls, which makes getting large amounts of money out of Greece quite impossible at the moment. To whom I should talk to?

Anja replied:

Hi Nikos,
you can make larger transfers to the UK if it is for the purpose of studying in the UK. Some Greek students have requested letter confirmations of studying at Birmingham for showing this to their banks, however, not all of them required a confirmation letter. You can order such a letter here:
Hence, you could make a full transfer for the accommodation costs to the University. Particularly since the amount is wired to the University, there should not be a problem. The same is the case for paying the tuition fees. I hope this answers your question.