Chat with Postgraduate Study Advisors

This series of Postgraduate Virtual Open Days offers you the chance to talk to members of the Postgraduate Recruitment team at the University. They will take place every week in August, from 14:00-15:00.

We are happy to answer questions on all aspects of postgraduate study, which might include:

  • Seeking sources of funding
  • The differences between different types of PG course
  • The application process
  • Finding a supervisor
  • Writing a research proposal

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Speaker profiles

  • Dr Emily Rozier

    Emily completed a Masters and a PhD at the University of Birmingham. She manages our UK recruitment. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the Chat with Postgraduate Study Advisors live event.
Raquel asked:

I have a B2 level in English, Can I applied to a PhD position in Bioscience

Claire Hawkins replied:

Hi Raquel,

I’m not sure what qualification you have obtained for your English at B2 level, but the best place to check our requirements is on our entry requirements page. Here we list all the English language qualifications we accept, and the level required for different subject areas. Please check this page and ensure your qualification is listed as an accepted English language qualification. As a guide, postgraduate programmes in science subject areas require an IELTS 6.0 or above. If you have any further questions, I would suggest you email the team, or visit our country webpages.

I hope this helps,



Saji asked:

Can I enroll in an undergraduate program? I know that there are foundation courses too for those interested in Medicine.

Emily replied:

Hi Saji,

Entry to the undergraduate MBChB Medicine programme is extremely competitive. You can learn more about the entry requirements here.

Best of luck,


Elham asked:

Hi again. I searched about it but I need to be sure. As an Iranian student, do I have the opportunity to devote my self to my studies in MA in Birmingham and not worry about fees and living costs. Many a funding promise such opportunity. By the way, thanks for your kind responses Emily.

April Cheung replied:

Hi Elham

To give you an idea of the living costs in the UK, you can visit our living costs page.

Some students do take on part time jobs during their study both for financial reasons and to build up work experience. However, I have known students who have saved money prior to starting their programme and not needed to work at all during their masters. There may also be limitations on working hours and what type of work you can do based on your visa.

Hope this helps!


Anne Marie Bezault asked:

I don’t understand one point of the application. What are the conditions about the course type “distance learning” and about the duration,6 years part-time. It’s not clear for me. When can I start my course with these conditions: in january 2018 or in september 2018 ? If I start my courses in january 2018, I have to register as of September 2017?

April Cheung replied:

Hi Anne

Most of our courses will start in September including those which have part time and distance learning routes.

If the course you are interested in does have a January 2018 intake, then yes you will have to apply at the same time as those starting in September 2017 unless it is specified on the course webpage.

Best of luck for your application!


Moroh asked:

I am from a computer field and would like to do a PhD in Education, is that possible?

Claire Hawkins replied:

Hi Moroh,

It really depends on what your intended topic is. Ideally we look for an Education background, however if you were looking to research an area which is related to computers, IT, computer aids, relating to educational needs, for example, then your field of expertise is directly relevant.

You will need to identify a supervisor and discuss your topic with them. You’ll need to identify a supervisor who has research interests in the area in which you want to conduct your own research, and it would be pertinent to discuss your professional and/or academic background with them. Visit our website to read about our current areas of research and to begin identifying a supervisor.

Good luck with your search!