Why did you originally apply to do your chosen course at Birmingham?

My decision to enrol at the University of Birmingham was due to the high reputation of the University that has been carried through for many years. I chose to complete my degree at this univeristy as I knew it would provide me with excellent opportunities for employability because of its high employability rates. There are a number of opportunities to make strong networks, support professional development and to help prepare for the industry.

What do you think are the best points of your course?

The best points of the Mechanical Engineering course are the variety of students on the course and the array of optional modules which are industry-relevant. One of the best aspects of your course is the opportunity to delve deep into core mechanical engineering principles, while also exploring cutting-edge research and technologies shaping the industry. The faculty members are experts in their fields, providing invaluable guidance and mentorship as you navigate complex engineering challenges.

What’s the best thing about studying at the University of Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham has many features that stand out and make it an outstanding university to study at. Some of the features that come to mind are how vibrant and dynamic the campus is, and how the campus fosters a strong sense of community among students from multiple backgrounds. The city itself is culturally rich, with plenty of opportunities for recreation, arts, and entertainment. Furthermore, the University’s commitment to providing students with support services, career development resources, and extracurricular activities enhances the overall student experience.

What’s your highlight of your time at the University?

My highlight while being a student at the university has been having the opportunity to chair the Staff Student Forum meetings as the Senior Student representative which involves me dealing with course issues raised by the students and solving the issues. In my second year, I was voted to be the Student Representative of the whole School of Engineering where I sat on the education committee for all engineering courses. Being the Student Representative of the School of Engineering, I had the opportunity to develop a poster celebrating Vaisakhi, a Sikh religious and a Punjabi cultural festival.

What advice would you give to students thinking about studying on the course?

For all potential students, I would recommend enhancing and developing their soft skills as much as they can, which will help in the long run and aid interview skills, presentation skills and networking skills. I would recommend the students get comfortable being in an uncomfortable environment to grow.

Is there anything extra students thinking about studying on the course should know?

Utilise the facilities provided as much as possible such as; SEEN (School of Engineering Employability Network), Careers Network and many other departments that offer multiple workshops throughout the year from careers development, networking skills, insights into industries, a variety of activities to support with finding jobs and placements and many more.