What would you say to someone considering the Skills Bootcamp?

Do it! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and a real foot in the door for people from the West Midlands into the creative industries.

How was your experience of accessing Skills Bootcamp careers support?

The university staff (particularly Veronica and Dan) were incredibly approachable and supportive when it came to the pastoral/future careers elements of the course.

What are some of the best things about your Skills Bootcamp experience or your biggest achievements?

Learning all the TV and Film code words on our walkie-talkie scavenger hunt. I’d never have guessed what a Honey Wagon was.

Have you been offered a new job role and/or responsibilities which utilise the skills and experience acquired on the Skills Bootcamp?

Yes, I am now an Accounts Trainee at ScreenSkills. This role allows me to apply for Junior Placements in the Accounts department of a Film and TV production!

Tell us about yourself and your journey to studying a Skills Bootcamp.

I am 27 years old and I am a native West Midlander. I am mainly a writer, but I am also training to be an Accountant. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and I found that with an industry that relies heavily upon connections and networking I felt I was ill equipped. The bootcamp gave me a great deal of confidence in going to future networking events and realising that I’m not the only one just starting out!

Why did you choose to study a Skills Bootcamp at the University of Birmingham?

Because I desperately want to work in the Film and TV industry but I found cost and location to be a prohibitor of my ability to find a path into the business. The University of Birmingham itself was perfect for me as I am an alumnus of their M.A. Creative Writing degree.