Please tell us about your experience of using the University's services.

My journey with Birmingham University’s career service, especially the Birmingham Business School career support, has been a game-changer during my pursuit of an MSc in Marketing. Starting off not knowing my niche, the BBS team helped me navigate the maze and discover my passion for the fashion and luxury marketing industry. They didn’t stop there – they crafted a career plan tailored to my newfound focus.

CVs can be a puzzle, but BBS made sure mine was top-notch, aligning with those tricky ATS UK standards. What’s awesome is they not only pointed me in the right direction for skills but also clued me in on the various opportunities the university offers for skill-sharpening.

As an international student, getting tips and insights from the BBS crew on acing interviews was gold. They even kept me in the loop daily with job openings.

And here’s the exciting part – it’s just the beginning. I’m pumped to keep leveraging the support from BBS career services throughout the year. The best thing? They’re not just experts; they’re friendly and always ready to lend a hand. Plus, there are these fantastic free career events happening regularly, and I can’t wait to make the most of them.

What has been your biggest achievement during your course so far?

Even though it’s just been two months, it feels like I’ve packed a year’s worth of experiences into this postgrad journey. The whirlwind of moving abroad, donning the hat of a Postgrad Ambassador, and— dare I say, crafting the most innovative retail concept in class— all in the blink of an eye.

Two months, but the depth of learning and the breadth of experiences make it seem like I’ve been on this adventure for much longer. Who knew that such a brief period could be so jam-packed with personal, professional, and academic highlights?

And you know what’s even more thrilling? The anticipation for the rest of the year. I’m like a kid in a candy store, eager to unwrap each day and discover the new achievements waiting to be made. Here’s to the excitement, the unknown, and the victories yet to unfold in the chapters ahead!

What are the best things about your course?

Oh, let me tell you about the gems in my course! First off, the modules are like a treasure trove of excitement. Imagine diving into thrilling assignments that let your creative juices flow, making learning feel more like a fun expedition than a task.

But it’s not just about the assignments; we’re talking practical knowledge that you can actually use in the real world. The kind of stuff that makes you go, “Ah, so that’s how it works!” None of that “learn and forget” routine; it’s more like “learn and apply right away.”

And here’s the cherry on top – the power of choice. I get to tailor my course to fit my interests. This semester, I had a choice between marketing communications and retail. Guess what caught my eye? Retail! And let me tell you, it’s been a blast. We have these seminars every week where it’s not all about textbooks and lectures. No, no. It’s about getting hands-on. Like that one time we built a store out of Legos. Yes, you heard that right – Legos! Who knew education could be this cool, right?

Tell us about yourself and your journey to postgraduate study.

Ever found yourself at a crossroads, wondering if there’s more to explore beyond the familiar landscapes of home? That’s precisely where my journey began. What happens when a mass communication enthusiast from the vibrant streets of India decides to swap chai for tea and dive into the realm of marketing at the University of Birmingham?

Curious about the blend of creativity and strategy that awaits, I embarked on this postgraduate adventure. But here’s the twist – it’s my first time packing up and moving abroad. Ever had that mix of excitement and nervousness, like butterflies throwing a party in your stomach?

As I navigate this uncharted territory, I can’t help but ponder: How will this experience shape my perspective? What stories will unfold in the bustling lanes of Birmingham, different from the ones I’ve known back home?

Amidst the uncertainty, one thing’s for sure – this journey is a canvas waiting for the strokes of new experiences. Because, as someone wise once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Here’s to embracing the unknown and painting a story worth telling.

What was your motivation for postgraduate study?

Why the masters? Well, after rocking my bachelor’s in mass communication in India, I figured, “Why not level up?” MSc in Marketing at the University of Birmingham is my ticket to blending creative mojo with some serious business savvy. It’s about adding layers to my skills and diving into the UK’s academic vibes. In a nutshell, it’s the next chapter of my academic adventure.