What would you say to someone considering the Skills Bootcamp?

I would 100% recommend the skills boot camp to anyone especially somebody who is a bit confused about which direction they want to take their career. I didn’t have any practical experience in the industry before taking part, I just loved television and wanted to know more about production. By taking part in the boot camp I feel that my confidence has grown and that I have gained new skills that will actually be valuable to me in my future endeavours.

How was your experience of accessing Skills Bootcamp careers support?

The support was amazing. We had weekly meetings in which we discussed my goals and any questions or worries that I was facing weekly. This support helped me a lot as it allowed me to feel that I could ask for career support and to understand how to go about getting opportunities after the boot camp had ended.

What are some of the best things about your Skills Bootcamp experience or your biggest achievements?

During my experience I have gained valuable skills which I had no prior knowledge of, I very quickly began to understand television and film jargon which will help me when in a professional environment: The course was immersive and intense so I felt as though I was thrown in the deep end in the best way, by working with my cohort on tasks and having group discussions we all bonded and helped each other to understand what we want to do in the future. I feel a lot my prepared for my next steps, as I feel a new sense of direction and feel inspired to per-sue a career in the television industry, this is something that I would not have thought possible before the skills boot camp.

Please provide details of any employers in the relevant field who have invited you for an interview after completing the Skills Bootcamp.

I have not yet been offered a job role, however as part of the boot camp I have a placement opportunity in the near future on a television set. I hope to gain connections here and meet people in the field who will help me to obtain permanent work. I have also ensured that my CV is up to scratch with the help of the boot camp and have tailored it for a job in the industry.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to studying a Skills Bootcamp.

I am 22 years old and graduated with a degree in English Literature from Cardiff University last summer. Having moved home and taken time to decide what I want to do with my future endeavours I felt at some what of a loose end. I was looking for opportunities in creative industries around the West Midlands and stumbled across skills boot camps which I had never heard of before, I thought that it seemed like an amazing opportunity to gain direction and to learn new skills in drama and scripted television.

Why did you choose to study a Skills Bootcamp at the University of Birmingham?

I chose to study a skills boot camp at the University of Birmingham because it is close to home and was a great opportunity to further my education and gain valuable skills that I will be able to transfer into a new career route.