Why did you choose your course at the University of Birmingham?

Partly because of its excellent reputation, being one of the top courses of its kind in the UK, and also for the variety of skills the modules offered – including intertextual skills and editing to develop me holistically as a writer.

What has been the highlight of your course and why?

Probably hearing everyone feedback on my work in one of our Writer’s Workshops for the first time. It was both very affirming and constructive to hear the opinions of others who are highly interested and skilled in your field talking about your work. It was a wholly new experience for me.

What have you learnt from your course? How has it prepared you for your future career?

The best thing the course has taught me is to not re-invent the wheel every time you want to write a new piece, and how to tactically draw from the works of other writers to give structural integrity or strong philosophical underpinnings to any new text I write.

What has surprised you most about being a student at the University of Birmingham?

Probably the friendliness of the city! I am from the Midlands originally, though I spent the past four years at university in London.

What have you enjoyed most about living and studying in Birmingham? What have been your favourite things to do in the city?

Having everything on hand without the city being hectic. I like the fact that wherever you are in Birmingham can become your city centre, without having to travel to the “official city centre”. Everything is on hand from gyms to clothes shops to food. All are within walking distance.