Please tell us about your experience of using the University's services.

Utilizing the Careers Network has been invaluable. There are a lot of informative workshops where I have learnt about ways to improve my employability and skills I need to improve on. The available bookings for one-on-one consultations are also great, especially for seeking advice, polishing CVs and cover letters. The advisors respond as swiftly as possible, and they answer any question you may have, sharing links tailored to your needs. Overall, the University’s services have been instrumental in enhancing my preparedness for the professional landscape that lie ahead beyond academia.

What has been your biggest achievement during your course so far?

My most noteworthy achievement during my course has been transitioning into a level of proficiency in applying theoretical concepts to practical scenarios. This accomplishment is particularly meaningful as it has helped me develop the ability to visualize and turn lecture data into product designs, which will be useful for professional challenges that lie ahead. It has also broadened my perception of the world around me.

What are the best things about your course?

The best thing about my course is that it offers comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in the field, covering new processes, research and novel developments. The program provides a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, equipping students with the skills needed to address real-world challenges in the formulation industry. Moreover, the vibrant academic and social community and diverse cultural experiences contribute to a rich learning environment, fostering collaboration and personal growth.

How has your funding helped you?

I received the £2000 Global Masters Scholarship, which international students from a selection of countries classed as overseas for fee payment are eligible for. Also, I am a beneficiary of the University Graduate School (UGS) £1000 Bursary awarded to 10 Postgraduate-taught students (PGT), open to apply by any University of Birmingham PGT student.

The Global Masters tuition discount reduced the overall cost of the tuition, and the university also offers a flexible payment plan for the balance. The bursary paid pro-rata is helpful as an added means of covering monthly cost of living expenses.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to postgraduate study.

I am currently pursuing an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Formulation at the University of Birmingham, following my undergraduate studies in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Lagos. My academic journey is driven by a profound fascination with the transformative potential of engineering and science in creating practical solutions. Prior to coming to the University of Birmingham, I engaged in various academic, industrial and volunteer roles that taught me the value of education and opportunities. Thus, I decided to grab onto the chance for postgraduate study. So far, it has been an awesome experience, and I have been diving into various exciting academic and social events.

What was your motivation for postgraduate study?

To bridge specific skill gaps that will contribute to my personal and professional growth, engaging and learning from an highly-experienced academic staff at a beautiful, renowned and inclusive environment.