What are your future aspirations after you finish your postgraduate degree?

I would love to work as a sport physiotherapist and work closely with a professional sport team. The University have been brilliant at accommodating relevant experience. Prior to this I would like to work in the NHS as a band 5 physiotherapist to gain invaluable experience.

What do you think makes the University of Birmingham unique?

I think the facilities the University of Birmingham provide are such high quality, resulting in great learning resources. The physiotherapy course takes place in the Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences building and works very closely with the School. As UoB is a research University, there is constantly new and upcoming research being conducted that you get access to which can really assist your learning.

Have you joined any student societies or taken part in any events so far during your studies?

I partake in the physiotherapy events that the society put in place. I found that physiotherapy students are very like-minded and as it is a small course you become friends very quickly. At the beginning of the course there are lots of social opportunities to mix with everyone outside of practicals and lectures.

How are you finding living in Birmingham? Do you find the student community supportive?

Birmingham is a very big city therefore can be intimidating initially. It is essential to get involved with the student community to help adjust to moving to a big new city. There is something for everyone ranging from sports to languages; the University offers a plethora of societies that almost everyone will have something in common with. I found my friends through playing hockey and from here I have found living in Birmingham great fun.

What has been your experience of campus life? Do you enjoy studying on the Edgbaston campus?

As UoB is a campus university, everything is on your doorstep. Campus life can be exciting, but it can also be lonely at times. From my experience this is perfectly normal. Therefore, I found it essential to participate in University events or extra-curricular activities. The Guild of Students provide very inclusive events that are held on campus and is a great way of socialising to get the most out of campus life.

What have been the highlights of your postgraduate course so far?

Placement is the highlight of this course. Due to the location of Birmingham, and the top-quality physiotherapists working at the University, it has resulted in great connections for placement opportunities. Queen Elizabeth is on the doorstep and is one of the top teaching hospitals in the UK. Furthermore, UoB have exceptional contacts and connections that provide an ample amount of opportunities to get experience in sport physiotherapy. The pitchside physiotherapy scheme is one of the many chances of getting involved with sports which has resulted in my working with American Football. As I work best in a clinical setting, these opportunities have really made my experience stand out.

Can you give a short outline of the postgraduate course that you study? How has it benefited you so far? What have you enjoyed about the course?

I am a second year MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) student. Year 1 consists of 6 modules learning the theory of physiotherapy and understanding the role of physiotherapy in a workplace. There are two placements that are completed at the end of the first year. Year 2 consists of four placements and 2 modules, one of which includes the dissertation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far as I believe the lecturers have made a massive impact on my experience. Each lecturer is also a clinical practitioner therefore they are very passionate, which is portrayed in our practicals and lectures. The time dedicated by the staff is very encouraging and have resulted in once in a lifetime opportunities, including working at the Commonwealth Games and working with the England Rugby 7s. The enthusiasm and support provided has made me excited for the development of my career.