What impact has the Skills Bootcamp had on you?

After completing the course, I have been able to identify where the business can improve, and we have started working on life cycle assessments on the products we manufacture. While encouraging the supply chain to develop less carbon intensive raw steel, we can also start by focusing on our office sites within the UK and around the world, ensuring they are run more sustainably and begin work towards procuring steel in a more sustainable way. The course was a great experience, and I am enjoying working in implementing what I have learnt into the business.

Why did you apply to the Skills Bootcamp?

The Net Zero Course was presented to me as an opportunity to learn and work to implement more sustainable practice within my company. As a fresh graduate I hoped to be taught about working towards net zero and what steps can be taken within my business to reach net zero goals. Through the course I learnt what sustainability and net zero is, as well as about life cycle assessments that can be completed to assess the running of a business.