Hi, I am speaking from India. I am so interested in geography that after my post graduation in Physics, I still want to pursue a career in environmental science or geography. So I want to know whether I am eligible to get admission in a foreign country to do a Masters in the above subject or not?

Hello, thank you very much for your question and apologies in the delay getting back to you. My name is Emma from the Postgraduate Recruitment team, and I am replying on behalf of the mentor as they have not yet answered it.

This webpage lists all of our postgraduate courses in Geography or Environmental Sciences:

I’ve had a look at the entry requirements for a few of them and they require a degree in a science-related field, so your masters in Physics should be relevant! If you want further clarification from the admissions team, once you’ve picked a course, I would advise you email them by clicking the ‘Make an enquiry’ button at the bottom of the course page. You can then send an email to someone on the relevant team, who should be able to help!

Best of luck,
PG Recruitment

Hello, I am a third year student studying Geography and I found that I am very interested in climate science and climate modelling. However, I am a pure geographer without any background in physics and university-level mathematics. Would it be a drawback for me to enrol in and study MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology? Thank you very much.

Hi! Before enrolling on MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology I was a graduate Geographer myself, I had an A level in Mathematics but no physics background. The course does require you to develop these skills, understanding the physics of the atmosphere and atmospheric data analysis and modelling requiring some mathematical comprehension. However, I believe they are not course requirements. If you have not done any degree level mathematics you will be enrolled onto a foundation mathematics module as I was which gets you up to speed fairly quickly. Best of luck with your application!

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I have always had a fascination with weather forecasting from a young age and I found this interest only grew throughout my undergraduate degree in Geography here at Birmingham. I began to read more into the science of forecasting and modelling of future climate change and tailored my module choices with a weather/climate/hydrology interest. Then completing my dissertation on the changing climate potential of the UK to viticulture solidified in my mind this was the field I wanted to go into. Pursuing this Masters course was an opportunity to start a career as a meteorologist.

What, for you, are the best things about the course?

For me the course content really inspires my interests and gives a well-rounded view of the subject area. We learn both the theory and the physics of atmospheric science alongside how it is applied to give useful information to society.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

Stay organised and remember what you’re passionate about! You will learn a lot very quickly, try to look ahead and keep on top of everything understanding it as you go. However, also enjoy becoming more knowledgable about the subjects that matter to you!