Why did you choose to study MA Shakespeare at the University of Birmingham?

I chose Birmingham because of the unmatched expertise of the Shakespeare Institute. I am being taught by people at the head of their field and my studies are in conjunction with the RSC, where I can see theory being put in practice and practice reflected in theory. There is no better place to study Shakespeare.

What did you want to study the MA Shakespeare specifically?

I chose Shakespeare Studies because I wanted to master Early Modern literature and there seemed no better way to do it than to focus on the most significant writer of the period. It’s also exciting that due to Shakespeare’s overwhelming influence on future generations and his ability to reinterpret the writers that came before him, there is scarcely an aspect of literature, philosophy or history that you can’t interestingly bring into a discussion about him.

What are you researching on your programme?

My research is focused on Early Modern Literature, with a special interest in Milton, the radical writings of the English Revolution and the sublime. I am very much enjoying my Masters degree so far.