Why did you choose to study the Practical Theology Doctorate?

After completing a Masters a few years ago, I was keen to complete further study at a Doctoral level. The Practical Theology Doctorate offered a structured course, which is part-time and is rooted in researching and understanding my work setting. It gives me regular milestones to work to and a great peer group to learn alongside.

Why did you choose to undertake research at the University of Birmingham?

I came along to an open day and it was clear that the university was committed to the study of theology and religion. The department has a wealth of experience, and after meeting my supervisor I just knew it was the right place. I have not been disappointed!

What are the best things about your course?

My supervisor – she has offered fantastic support, really helpful, detailed feedback – what more could you ask!

What is life like as a researcher at the University of Birmingham?

I feel part of a community of researchers learning together and from each other. I do feel that as researchers we have a voice in shaping the course.

What support have you received during your PhD?

The support has been excellent and includes regular discussions with my supervisor guiding my research. As a course we get together every couple for months for a study day and there have been a number of opportunities to be part of conferences. The online facilities are good, with excellent library support and IT help too. I did a note taking session and learned some helpful academic skills which I use to focus my reading. I wish I had more time to dedicate to the course as there are many more opportunities available.

Outside of your research, what experience have you gained and how will it help you in the future?

Confidence in my abilities and a chance to find my voice.