What impact did the Skills Bootcamp have on you?

My instructor connected me to a recruiter at the BBC which was super instrumental in me getting my job because I was told about assessment centres which isn’t a public thing on the website. It was a different way of applying for a role than through an application. Without the connections I made throughout the course, I wouldn’t have the job that I have now. It’s not just the content you learn – it’s the connections and relationships you build with experts too.

What did you learn on your Skills Bootcamp?

We started right at the beginning – HTML, CSS. I went into the course knowing nothing about development so it really did start from the beginning which was great. Towards half way into the course, that’s when career services comes in. They make sure you’re getting enough support with CVs, portfolios, interviews and making sure you’re ready to start your career.

How was the support on your Skills Bootcamp?

The help was phenomenal and lecturers and tutors are very aware of your personal life as well. I had a one month old baby when I started. So my instructor was aware of that – sometimes life was really hectic for me and he was understanding of that.