Please tell us about your current role and employer.

I’m currently working as a Major Contracts Officer at the University of Southampton. My primary focus involves managing and optimising substantial contractual agreements. This encompasses negotiating terms, maintaining compliance, and strategically aligning contracts with the university’s overarching goals to facilitate successful partnerships and initiatives.

What was your journey to getting a job after graduating from Birmingham?

I worked as a Legal and Procurement Coordinator for Birmingham Ceremonies Ltd during the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Before that, I practiced law in India. This diverse background paved the way for my transition to the field I aspired to enter.
After a stint as a paralegal at Integreon, I applied to universities for a role involving research and innovation services with a focus on contracts. It took several interviews, but I landed the job. Don’t worry; it’s all about figuring out and rocking your strengths!

How do you feel the learning experience on your course helped to prepare you for your career?

The professors were fantastic, offering constant support throughout the course. Huge shoutout to Professor Mariela and Professor Lydia for their incredible help with my IP law dissertation. Prof Mariela’s lectures were tailored in a manner that it was in depth and easy to understand.
My passion for a career in IP law led me to actively seek internships and volunteer gigs, and I snagged some great opportunities during my UoB days. Special thanks to Paul, whose support has been a game-changer throughout my time at UoB!

How did the University's support services help to prepare you for your career?

Careers Network was my saviour! This not only helped me secure valuable internships but also provided opportunities to network and gain valuable insights into the workings of the legal profession in the UK.

What are your top tips for securing a job in the United Kingdom?

1. Be sure of what role you’d like to pursue.
2. Understand your market value within that role.
3. Research thoroughly, especially for international students—verify the company’s sponsorship capabilities and willingness.
4. Utilise a cover letter for every application and maintain simplicity in your CV.
5. Hone your interview skills through practice.
6. Post-application, connect with a team member on LinkedIn for added visibility.
7. Embrace networking, whether offline or online, to expand your professional connections.

What were the best things about your course?

Extensive reading materials, well-organised study plans, supportive professors, responsive study guides, and abundant opportunities for personal improvement and growth.
I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures, appreciating how the assignments were designed to encourage thorough research.

What was your biggest achievement during your course?

Securing a fantastic opportunity to work with the legal team of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and volunteering as a Brand Protection Volunteer for Gowling WLG has been a highlight for me.