what is the career opportunities after doing msc international business in birmingham?i applied for 12 month course of this program. i have no job experience. so is it good for me to join this course of 12 month? or other university offer me 24 month with internship so will i join there as career prospective?

Hi . personally I wouldn’t advise people who doesn’t have working experience to study MBA, you won’t truly understand the course without hands on experiences, you won’t get a so call ‘ MBA ‘ job neither . You can choose MSC programs, it’s better that you know what you want to do in the future before selecting a right course for you .in another word, You know your career map and direction, then the course can help bring you to your destination. UoB has many career advises and helps if you need. Still, I would say you’re the one who can design your career futures, the uni/ courses will provide supports for you. Good luck and hope the best for you.

Hi Kelly, Greetings & Good Day !! I am planning for my higher studies in business management and specifically MBA in international business. As I am planning to apply for sep 2020 intake, few information as an existing alumnus could you mind sharing 1. Hows the mentors and the outlook to the program 2. Whether the university helping out with potential job prospects and fairs and industry connection. 3. whether the study mode is 5 days a week or otherwise 4. Is it good to opt for the hostel in the university or student accommodation outside? 5. Is it good to opt of 1 year or 2-year program Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Leejo Johney

Hi Leejo, thank you very much for your question. My name is Emma from the Postgraduate Recruitment team, and I am replying on behalf of the mentor as they have not yet answered it. I will do my best to answer your queries!

1. I can’t speak for personal experience of the course I am afraid
2. The University has a Career Network group, who can help with CV writing, interview prep, and potential job prospects (including hosting careers fairs on campus). More info here:
3. For course content information, please submit an enquiry at the bottom of the course page (
4. We have a number of dedicated postgraduate accommodation options (info here: but many of our students choose to live in rented accommodation near campus
5. Again, I think this question would be best answered by the MBA team if you submit an enquiry!

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Hi, I'm Hadi. I'm interesting with Birmingham University. I would like to ask some question. Do you recommend to study at Birmingham University? if yes, why?

Hi yes, I would recommend you and welcome you to study UOB . I don’t know what course you would like to study , whatever courses you take, I think uob will provide a nice study experience and a great study life for you. And you will have get many supports from here too . And UOB can help enchant your employability too, it is a good cost-benefit investment for you .

Hi Kelly I have 8 years of work exp and currently on break since 5 years. I am interested in Full Time MBA (International Business). Requesting your response for the following queries- 1) Are there so many seminars and workshops for this module? Ideally how many study hours are required to contribute after uni hours 2) I have 2 young kids so would you suggest for Full time or part time MBA? 3) For Executive/Part time MBA, will I get degree / diploma / certificate?

Hi Saxena, sorry for late reply . Please check my answers. 1)yes, many workshops and group studies . If you choose 12 months’ MBA course, it requires very hard efforts at semester1. For example, I worked every day and weekends . 2) depends on how you want to have this course, you like to study in campus or online course . Not sure the campus teaching will be normal as usual due to covid 19 . Personally I like full time and the campus like , many classmates did it well with taking good care of children in my class. 3) I am not sure about it, I obtained a degree and certificate from full time course. I wish you will have a great journey for your MBA study if plan to do so.

Hi, what kind of pre course work will we have to take to bring us up to the average knowledge/skill level of the entire batch of students ? as it is going to be a diverse batch of students, the skill sets and basic knowledge would differ from person to how do students bridge that gap..or how does the course help in that way ?


The course is very much designed to include all students regardless of their background but a certain amount of prior knowledge is assumed, which we assess during the application process). I would also recommend trying to get hold of a reading list or similar before you start the course.

i am from INDIA and want to study MBA in international business, i want to know about this course in detail. and what is the scope of job opportunity after completing it. what is the difference in 12months and 24months course.

I think you can search the courses details from MBA page in Birmingham university website.they are generic management courses.if you plan to study international business, you can select related courses in semester 2.

24 months course provides you a foundation year in year 2, you will have deeper learning and better practices. You can apply the summer internship as well, which you need to apply for it since September in your semester 1 of year one. But if you already have good academic knowledge and good working practices ,just go for 12 months courses.

About job opportunities, I would say it depends on you , what your career goals, your previous working experiences, your professional skills, and your plan to work in Uk or Europe or your home country. A MBA courses will open more doors to you if you are a very high talent. If you want to say in hi, you need to well plan it before the course, such as what company/sector/ job you want to do, your English ability, working visa . Such and such .

Hopefully this will help you. Good luck .

Is there any internship provided after the graduate in business administration course ....which is of 1 year

You need to apply by your own. And start to do it from September in semester 1.there are lots of things to do, our career service office can help to guide you.

Sir/Madam What are the taught courses for undertaking a Ph.D programme in Economics. Secondly, I was requested to upload my first and second degrees or academic transcript on the application form which I sent the former. However, another correspondence from the University placed much emphasis on the later which I am yet to obtain from institutions attended. ( University of Calabar and University of Jos). Is it possible I can be given enough time to enable me travel to those places and do the needful so as to meet the requirement? Thank you.


You would need to contact the admissions team in Business directly to discuss the references required. Please email or phone the number listed here:

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Hi,Kelly.How are you?My name is May from China, and I just received the conditional offer of MBA for 2020 entry. Basically I have one question I saw the business school website that FT MBA programs are classified to several parts. I am just wondering if my offer refers to the MBA international business or other sections?Because I didn’t choose any subject when I was applying for MBA.Really appreciate it!May

Hi May,

Congratulations firstly.
Once you were enrolled into FT MBA course, you will have the chance to decide if you want to take international business or global banking & finance as your MBA key major at the end of semester 1. You’re advised to select your course direction based on either your career development interest or your own interest. Good luck to everything, and hopefully you will choose our MBA, cheers.

Best Regards,

Dear Zhang, I am a senior undergraduate student at the department of Business Administration. I am looking for Msc programme at the field of finance. I would like to be sure about the whether Msc programme of Birmingham University for finance is with thesis or without thesis? Thank you in advance, Yours sincerely, Ömer Kara


The MSc course does involve a dissertation project that is worth 30% of your overall mark. The other 70% comes from individual taught modules.

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hello kelly i was wondering why birmingham had no full time MBA (master in business administration) and is international mba much different ?


Sorry our mentor has not yet replied. Dr Chris Collinge is a lecturer on the Business Administration Graduate Diploma course and he will be able to advise which MBA most reflects this course. His details are here:

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What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

Well, first of all, Business Administration has always had my interest. However, I studied geographic science and law for my undergraduate degree. After several years working, I realized that there is a big gap between my ideal career development and my current role. I particularly found that I should improve my professional knowledge, get an overseas view and develop my English skill to Professional working proficiency level when I worked with a global team in an international big company. Secondly, I am a curious person who always loved to explore the world, and I made a decision that I’d like to take a postgraduate programme when I was still at undergraduate.

Was there a big transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study?

Personally, I would like to say that unlike undergraduate study, postgraduate study has no one to push you to set your goals or to study. This means that you will become a self-managed and self-motivated person,you are responsible for your learning. You will drive your own research and carry out original and creative work. Meanwhile, you will deal with more different ideas and problems while studying with your classmates. Working with a variety of people, you can learn to value others’ ideas and appreciate different views. All in all, you will gain deeper knowledge, more confidences and be more independent.

What has been the highlight of your time at Birmingham?

Birmingham University is a prestigious international university. Studying in Edgbaston campus in UK gives me a precious opportunity to study with a diversity of teachers and students, enhancing my soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communication, knowledge of global cultures and also improving my English skills. What’s more, I was lucky enough to complete a summer internship in a  big UK company which has a partnership with the school. This job provided a great opportunity for me to learn a lot and build a professional network in a real business environment. In a word, I have been becoming more confident and competent in studying and working in global environments.

Have you joined any clubs or societies, gone on any research trips or done any volunteering?

Yes, I did. Although I had an intensive programme, I often joined career related workshops or lectures like postgraduate job hunting workshop or one day’s mock assessment, obtaining more job seeking skills and collect job marketing information. I successfully completed a summer internship in the UK at the end. Apart from it, I also take part in global buddy and toastmaster societies where I meet lots of international friends and enjoy many great times together. I’d recommend everyone to make the most of your time to explore outside world of your academic studies to lead a rich and varied life.