What are your future aspirations after you finish your postgraduate degree?

In the future I hope to find a job in research in Biotechnology or at a pharmaceutical company.

What do you think makes the University of Birmingham unique?

I think this University has a good focus on preparing students for life after university and giving them the best transferable skills that can be used once you graduate. Furthermore, the University has a good support system such as being assigned a tutor who gives helpful advice on applying for jobs or offering support with the course.

Have you joined any student societies or taken part in any events so far during your studies?

I’m not part of any societies however, I went to the recent PGT Christmas party which was a nice social activity to meet other PGT students.

How are you finding living in Birmingham? Do you find the student community supportive?

Living in Birmingham is great, it’s easy to take the bus to travel and get around. Also, the city of Birmingham has a lot of things to offer from shopping at the Bullring to going to the cinema with my friends. The student community is very supportive as we have many PGT events that go on such as the recent Christmas party.

What has been your experience of campus life? Do you enjoy studying on the Edgbaston campus?

It’s been fun so far; the library is my go-to place with different areas for studying such as the library lounge which is good for group work or the silent areas which are good for keeping you focused. Also, the campus has a range of food to offer, so I always have a lot of choice.

What have been the highlights of your postgraduate course so far?

The practical sessions were very engaging that taught me a range of lab techniques. Also, the visit to different labs such as the glasshouse, Microscopy and tissue culture lab to see the current work that is going on in research.

Can you give a short outline of the postgraduate course that you study? How has it benefited you so far? What have you enjoyed about the course?

I am currently studying MSc Molecular Biotechnology, which is a practical, hand-on course that teaches the different techniques used within molecular cell biology. They focus on key techniques used in molecular biotechnology, including aspects of process engineering, molecular biology, functional genomics, ‘omics’ technologies, protein expression systems and antibody engineering. Furthermore, this course provides the opportunity to develop my writing and presenting skills which will benefit me greatly in the future. I enjoyed the practical sessions that we had in the labs which link with my course material.