What are your future aspirations after you finish your postgraduate degree?

My goal is to eventually become a Dance Physiotherapist. However, I am very excited to explore my rotations within the NHS, particularly those within the cardio-respiratory field.

What do you think makes the University of Birmingham unique?

I think the University of Birmingham is a melting pot, full of diversity. While promoting individuality, there is definitely a sense of unison and support that I have not seen anywhere else.

How are you finding living in Birmingham? Do you find the student community supportive?

Living in a city like Birmingham has been very convenient as a student. Between buses, trains, and trams, getting around has been stress-free. The variety of student-friendly discounts have also made living in Birmingham a treat.

What has been your experience of campus life? Do you enjoy studying on the Edgbaston campus?

The campus has so many amenities. Most enjoyably is the easy access to coffee and the numerous areas available to do work in a quiet and calm space.

What have been the highlights of your postgraduate course so far?

A major highlight of this course has been the lecturers. They are very friendly, very engaging, and very easy to talk to.

Can you give a short outline of the postgraduate course that you study? How has it benefited you so far? What have you enjoyed about the course?

I am studying the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) course; a programme that offers students with the skills and knowledge to become effective and patient-centered physiotherapists; providing eligibility to apply to the Health and Care Professionals Council and the Charted Society of Physiotherapy. So far, the course has broadened my perspective and educated me on the multi-disciplinary aspects of the NHS and its services. I have really enjoyed the anatomy study resources, I feel like they have really contributed to my experience, making intimidating topics feel much easier to learn.