Hi Mindas! I have an offer for MSc Structural Engineering. I hope you can help me out. I have several questions so I'm going to list them down: 1) Does the University of Birmingham have industry links in civil? 2) Will there be any industry visits? 3) Are there chances of getting an internship during the course? Thank you!

MSc Structural Studies are as most of other MSc’s in engineering, working close with the industry and most of the industries players have good relationships with the UoB, because of the studies’ quality has been maintained so far.
Therefore I can assure you, that there will be plenty of opportunities for engagement with the potential future employers, as they seek just for the same! Make sure you are actively participating in all events organised by uni and putting your name forward to demonstrate your suitability for one or other organisations – your career already started with your first degree, so I believe you are well aware who are those you prefer to work for.

Dear Sir, I have applied to MSc Civil Engineering with Management. Can you tell me a little about this course and it's modules? Do we have access to career network support?

Hi, the clue of these studies is in the titles; students are expected to demonstrate top level understanding of both disciplines, therefore be prepared for challenging time… students will be sharing same or very similar modules with other programmes e.g. structural/civil engineers, construction and project management.
And of course, the career networks are extensively organised, therefore be prepared to demonstrate what you being taught here at uni – no lessons should be ignored, make sure you are keeping your notes well, as they will be useful after Uni too!

Hi, I have applied to the MSc Civil Engineering with Management for the September 2021 intake, how are the chances of getting a job in UK after completing this course?

Short answer – Very high, but industry should know about you, so work on your overall outlook; e.g. make sure you are well informed about the projects states currently, case studies in the past and understand how does it relates to what you are studying and what is that organisations are looking for?

Hello, I am interested in a MSc in Advanced Engineering Management (construction) but I am more into management than the design and technical part, but after going through the modules (sustainable construction, engineering production) I thought that they may have technical content like design and analysis so could you please tell me about their technical intensity?

Hi, in an academic or industrial world it is hard to understand the design implementation (construction) without understanding of design processes itself… I hope that the programme hasn’t changed too much since I finished, but I would expect that there are enough teaching around design aspects before delving into construction.
Just FYI; construction management is starting at same time as design (at least here in UK), after design is completed it is just supervision.

Hello, I've done my bachelors in Civil Engineering. I am a bit confused about which management course to choose for my Masters, whether to go with project management or systems or operation or construction. Which course has more promising employment?

Hi, so you got a BEng in Civil Engineering and I suggest that you are looking for something different, probably you do not want to continue solving engineering problems; unfortunately I had to make this assumption as you didn’t give me any other background, except your aspiration to study management after accomplishing first step in engineering.
If you are trying to avoid engineering challenges, then the safe way would be Operations Management, however if talking about the employment – you might need to consider engineering studies. Not sure have if I have understood you correctly, but you were referring to systems engineering – in the long term these are very promising, but probably the MSc in Civil Engineering is most advantageous!

Hello, I have completed my undergraduate degree in Architecture (B Arch) and would like continue my postgraduate studies in Construction Project Management but at the University of Birmingham the course is listed as MSc in Construction Management. So, my query is, are these the same modules or is there something different? It will be really helpful if you can clear this up as I'm confused by the course name. Thank you.

Hello, thank you very much for your question and apologies in the delay getting back to you. My name is Emma from the Postgraduate Recruitment team, and I am replying on behalf of the mentor as they have not yet answered it.

I’m sorry you are confused! We offer two separate courses:

Advanced Engineering Management: Project Management:

Advanced Engineering Management: Construction Management:

The courses will be similar as they are both Advanced Engineering Management but will have different core modules, so I would advise you look at both pages to see which is more relevant. You can fill in this enquiry form if you have more questions:

Best wishes,
PG Recruitment

Hi, I am looking to study this or a similar course within engineering, part-time and or distant learning. Could you please provide me with more information as to how you completed this course at University of Birmingham through distance learning? Did you work full-time and completes this course alongside working? Did you have to go into university at all? If so, for how many days? How did you balance working full-time and studying? How demanding was the course? Thank you for your help in advance.

Hey, I hope you are okay and my response isn’t too late…
Distance learning is still quite new for many universities and the majority of engineering disciplines don’t do that at all – at least that was how it was before Covid-19 – started. Therefore we have limited knowledge about distance learning in the School of engineering… however, i can share my experience about the part time studies and full time working at same time (got to mention that I had a new born as well). Main thing is planning and be prepared to attend all lectures as they are compulsory, there is same conditions for everyone; whether you are employed or not, full or part time.

Hi, I did my bachelors in Civil Engineering and I have been working for the past 6 years as a project engineer in a building construction firm. I would like to develop my career profile as a senior manager position in future. I am impressed with the modules of Advanced Engineering Management offered by UoB and I am interested in joining for that. But I am a confused with AEM General, AEM Construction Management, and AEM Project Management. Could you please differentiate them based on the field of working and could you please help me to find the exact one matching for me? As I didn't get any clarification from the direct enquiry with the uni or from the agencies I hope you can help me out.

lets focus around Engineering Management only for the time being and I believe after brief introduction you could add the word “Advanced”…
AEM General is about how the engineering management works globally, not necessary in construction projects for e.g. in manufacture etc.
AEM Construction is covering largely construction phase and not so much about the design, where AEM PM is about Engineering management application throughout the whole project; from conception to end… Don’t forget, that the Construction – Project life-cycle may differ between the countries, especially when we are discussing Design and/or Construction Phases!
So if looking now in yours career aspiration, it would be quite difficult to advice, because all of them are leading towards management position; but taking in account, that you are operating in construction, possibly construction projects world, then I am finding AEM Construction/Project Management are the ones you should be considering 🙂

Good Luck,

Dear Sir, I would like to know if the MSc Civil Engineering and Management is more deep regarding the project management topics compared to the PMI Certification? Moreover, is there an optional course related to transport systems/infrastructure? Thank you.

MSc In Civil Engineering and Management will cover quite largely the project management side, specifically construction management. There will be compulsory and optional models for you to choose, which slightly differ from year to year, therefore it would be wise to speak to studies administrators regarding the choices you got for this year and after. This is very applicable for the part time students, because the models of this year might not be available next year, so if you got a strong opinion on which models you must take, then please speak to administrators ASAP. In general, the infrastructure engineering is the main topic in every model, therefore don`t worry – you will have great exposure about it and the tutors are happy to discuss about additional students requirements… don’t forget, about the thesis for the end of your MSc, there you could show all your interests 🙂
Good Luck!

Hello, I am joining the University of Birmingham this year for the Civil Engineering programme. I want to ask about laptop programs and requirements, as a Civil Engineering student what programs will we use and how? 1) What requirements do I need to get for a laptop? 2) For programmes like AUTOCAD will the university download it for us? Would it be free, or if I have to buy it myself how much does it cost? 3) For these sorts of programs can I use the computers in Chemical Engineering department to get my work done, and how long can I stay there? Is the department open anytime? 4) If I want to train myself with these programmes can I use the PC's in the department? 5) Is a Macbook pro good for Civil Engineering? Thank you.

Hi, thanks for submitting the questions, I hope I will provide you with the useful information, but if not, then please don`t hesitate to ask me again 🙂

It will be a bit complicated to get to you straight to the point, because you haven’t identified in what level your studies are going to be, whether it will be BEng or MEng, MSc?

However, the university is not expecting to purchase any additional software to complete you tasks, therefore it shouldn’t be your prime thing to be worried about. Also the personal machine will be more required just for efficiency, I think in these days we all do that anyways, but you will have enough time to play with the PCs available in Uni. Probably just the only constrain I could envisaged at this moment is the new rules since Covid-19 started, but unfortunately I wasn`t briefed on anything new so far.

Good luck and feel fee to ask again 🙂

I hold an offer from the University of Birmingham for the Civil Engineering and Management course for September 2020. I wanted to know what I should do to prepare my self better for this course, and could you please tell the course description and the material I have to read while entering the university and pursuing my study? Thank you.

Congratulation with the being accepted, this is big achievement on itself! I believe you are talking about the MSc studies?
To answer the question I would need to know, how did you do it with your previous studies and what background you came from, engineering, management, work experience etc. Normally for MSc level studies, if you haven’t had big gap between your studies, you should be equipped enough with the technical knowledge, therefore I would advise to explore your understanding about the practical application of engineering, if you haven’t had industry experience…
The Engineering School in UoB is very strong about sustainability and it is wanting to make sure, that graduates would be confident to deliver, challenge the engineering tasks sustainable! I found it quite interesting to do financial decision studies, which made me think very differently about engineering and I had to study a lot to achieve the grades above average 🙂
Please feel free to ask further questions and share with your aspirations, so i can be more helpful to you – good luck.

Was there a big transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study?

Just 10 years. Actually, for me as a student everything was new, but I was well familiarised with the subject from professional point of view.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

Definitely go for it, just be patient and it will be an award for the rest of your life across the world!

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

My existing BEng didn’t qualify me for the Chartership of Institute of Civil Engineering, so I took a MSc to update my educational base, where my final thesis led to further research, which is linked now with my organisational role.

Do you have anything lined up for once you have completed your degree?

I have a few options at my organisation within my existing career path, but I also will stay in collaboration with the UoB.

Can you describe your journey from school to where you are now?

The first degree (BEng) I had taken in Lithuania and after 10 years started studies again in UoB. MSc was real push to my career progress – I couldn’t imagine my self being here without MSc studies.

Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

University of Birmingham degrees are widely recognised by Professional Bodies and have a great research base.

Hello, hope all is well. I wanted to ask about the lectures for the part time Masters, I am going to start this September and I am not sure how to arrange my time? Are there lectures during the day or on Saturdays?


It is great that you are joining the University, however it will be quite challenging first few months until you will familiarise with the university policy, which is quite strict and almost it is impossible to distinguish full time students activities and part time students.

So, Part time students will attending lectures along full time students and all lectures will be from Monday till friday and mandatory to attend, unless you will have locally bespoke arrangement with tutors, which actually never worked for me 🙂

P.S. Be patient and never hesitate to ask!.. Enjoy 🙂



Can you give me more details about the subjects we are going to study on this course?

Hi, I assume you are asking about MSc Civil Engineering and Management… However, most of the MSc’s within Engineering have the same compulsory and optional modules, therefore they could be found on bham website when you entering your chosen discipline code.

Every module is linked to the industry and moderators board requirements, therefore even optional modules, when you have chosen them are the same importance as compulsory!