What would you say to someone considering the Skills Bootcamp?

Go for it! It’s a wonderful course that will enlighten you about the power and influence of data and
will definitely increase your employability. You will have wonderful support and you will probably
make a lot of happy memories with your classmates during the 1 week intensive learning.

How would you describe the overall support you received?

The support we received before, during and after the bootcamp was wonderful. We were given the
opportunity to work on our own project and present it in front of the group and our tutors. We had
regular sessions where we could speak to a tutor about our concerns and how we were progressing
with the project and the learning. We were also supported by Gradcore who provided employment
support for the program and setup a website which allowed us to search for job opportunities.

What did you take from the Skills Bootcamp in Data Skills for Creative Industries?

The main thing I took away from the bootcamp was how to present data in more appealing, clear and
accurate ways. This makes it easier for the public to understand your data. I learnt about the power
of data and how simple statistics can be turned into quite convincing arguments with the right

Why did you join the Skills Bootcamp in Data Skills for Creative Industries?

I joined the data skills bootcamp because I wanted to gain some new skills to increase my
employability. It seemed useful as it would allow me to develop skills in demand in the jobs market so
I took the opportunity and applied and was accepted on to the course.