What have you done since completing the Skills Bootcamp?

I am now an online tutor for the University, teaching high-demand technological frameworks, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to students. Previously, I worked with educational establishments like Birmingham City University, IQ Education and Explore Learning, responsible for recruiting international students. This is the first time I will be taking on a teaching role, tutoring seven students, one-to-one. I have also landed a full-time role as a software developer at technology agency, AND Digital.

What did you learn on the Skills Bootcamp?

Not only did the course provide me with the technical skills I needed to pass through vigorous recruitment processes for developer roles, but I was also able to grow my network of contacts in the industry through the University’s growing network of partner employers with the help of the incredible course instructors. The more you put in, the more value you get out of it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking to move into the tech industry.

Why did you apply for the Skills Bootcamp?

Before joining the course I had no tech experience whatsoever but I knew I wanted to change careers. The intensive and part-time nature of the course was a key point for me as I wanted to enter the industry relatively quickly, but needed to continue working full-time with it.