What are your future aspirations after you finish your postgraduate degree?

I hope to continue onto a PhD in psychology.

What do you think makes the University of Birmingham unique?

The global community is truly a blessing. I love getting involved in different cultural experiences and feel I have made so many international friends, I cannot thank the University enough for fostering these connections.

Have you joined any student societies or taken part in any events so far during your studies?

I love UoB yoga, it is more than just a fitness class and helps me socialise with people who are just as passionate about yoga as I am.

How are you finding living in Birmingham? Do you find the student community supportive?

As a local student, I am biased but I truly love the experience of being able to meet international students and engage with different cultures and their traditions that I wouldn’t necessarily get to experience in everyday life. The global community truly makes Birmingham special.

What has been your experience of campus life? Do you enjoy studying on the Edgbaston campus?

As someone who identifies with environmentalism and climate activism, the amount of decoration and nature around is truly beautiful and makes campus feel less like a university and more like a home.

What have been the highlights of your postgraduate course so far?

Being able to choose my research project and get first-hand experience with designing research.

What made you decide to study a postgraduate course at the University of Birmingham?

I chose UoB due to the range of research facilities the Psychology department has to offer and the diversity of topics the academic staff have knowledge in.

Can you give a short outline of the postgraduate course that you study? How has it benefited you so far? What have you enjoyed about the course?

I study MSc Psychology. This course has given me the opportunity to explore the areas of psychology I am most passionate about by teaching me key research skills to apply to my topics fostering my independence to ultimately make me a better researcher and prepare me for future study.