What has been your biggest achievement during your course so far?

My biggest achievement is personally developing a sense of individuality to understand my value, interests and future direction. University of Birmingham offered me the chance to intereact with students from diverse backgrounds in my course and made me more confident, intrigued and excited about the opportunities lying ahead. The sense of achievement to study in a overseas country and manage it all on my own gives me the inner confidence I needed.

What are the best things about your course?

I am studying Masters of Public Health which is one of the most diverse courses here at uni. I not only had the most variety in deciding my modules crafting my masters according to my own background, experience and interest but also I am glad we are studying this course through a practical approach and creates a bridge between clinical setting and a non clinical real world.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to postgraduate study.

I always wanted to study at a diverse multinational institution in UK and Uni of Birmingham gave me the best opportunity to get acquainted to the cultural diversity with its huge campus and large number of students. I am a vet by profession from India and studying in one of the oldest medical schools has been a dream come true here at Birmingham. Pursuing masters in public health is not only a stepping stone in my career journey but also a value addition to my personal development.

What was your motivation for postgraduate study?

Specialization in public health was a major drive in my undergraduation of Veterinary medicine. Coming from a clinical exposure I am thrilled to make a difference in healthcare settings not only uplifting and doing my part to the society but also advancing my career globally. The sense of achievement and personal development drove me to postgraduate study.