If you used any of the University's services or received a scholarship or other funding, please tell us about your experience.

I received a Master’s scholarship and it has been a lifesaver. The application process was so easy, and I was over the moon when I got it. It’s made this degree a lot more affordable.

What has been your biggest achievement during your course?

I got a high mark on an assignment I did about the mental health of astronauts, and I got to do a talk on it for the Astronomical Society! I’m a big space nerd and the psychological effects of space travel fascinates me. It’s one of the only assignments I got to choose a topic for and I’m so lucky!

What were you doing before you started your course?

I was doing a BSc in Psychology! I did a 4-year undergraduate degree and I loved every minute of it. I did a placement year which was greatly beneficial in my decision to stay in academia, and I graduated in 2022.

Why did you choose your course at the University of Birmingham?

It’s an incredible university and I felt I could grow as a person and academic here (which I have!). It’s a great university for people wanting to stay in academia.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

Enjoy every minute of it! I’m doing my degree part-time but my first year is almost over and I’m starting to think about my PhD. It’s been such a great time so far and I’ll never take this experience for granted.

What, for you, are the best things about the course?

The people I’ve met who have been so supportive, and the content has been so fascinating! It’s made my love of psychology grow even further.

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I want to gain more research experience for a PhD, then become a professional academic. My dream is to be a professor in Psychology, so any experience I can get is worth it!