Why did you choose to study the Practical Theology Doctorate?

I had a particular area of theological interest focussed around the life of the Church that I wanted to pursue. I looked into different masters programmes and at doing a PhD, but I knew studying while in parish ministry would be particularly tough. This doctorate gives a really supportive framework that is intentionally set up for those in ministry or employment.

Why did you choose to undertake research at the University of Birmingham?

I had previously worked with Amy Daughton at a different university. She was amazing there, so wanted to work with her again. As well as this, the University of Birmingham is a Russell Group, world class university, with fantastic library facilities and a great reputation.

What are the best things about your course?

Support from my supervisor has been absolutely amazing. The online library facilities have been great. The way the doctorate accommodates parish ministry alongside study.

What is life like as a researcher at the University of Birmingham?

The online support has been great and I feel like an important part of the doctoral candidate family.

What support have you received during your PhD?

My supervisor has been incredibly supportive and accommodating, particularly during difficult periods of busyness.

Outside of your research, what experience have you gained and how will it help you in the future?

I’ve found that the opportunity to research in this way has already refreshed and inspired my ministry in the Church, and I’ve only completed a year.