What are the best things about your course?

The labs are fully-equipped and the tutors are real professionals. they use various techniques to ensure everyone has a good understanding of the subjects.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to postgraduate study.

I come from Iran, and it is my first time living alone. As a 23-year-old girl, it was a big step for me to come all this way to Birmingham, but I did it because I knew in my country I could not reach my goals. I spent last year taking my IELTS certificate and then I worked hard to be accepted into this university, so for me, it’s like a dream come true. however, it’s been really challenging since now. especially the difference between the educational system here and in my country. I’ve been trying to adapt myself and I have received so much help from the university in this case that has made my journey more pleasant.

What was your motivation for postgraduate study?

I’m taking my master’s in molecular biotechnology because I want to do cancer research and hopefully be able to take a positive step towards finding a definite cure for this disease. I have lost both of my grandparents due to cancer, so I’m really determined to do my best as a scientist.