What did you enjoy about the Skills Bootcamp?

I was intrigued to understand what other businesses in the industry were doing in the fight against climate change which made this a really interesting group project. During the project we looked at how to incorporate all the different parties within a project which could impact the embodied carbon of a new building. The main conclusion was by bringing all parties into the design process earlier this could lead to a more carbon friendly design as everyone’s expertise were put into the design prior to any limiting factors such as a tender sum or specific design features. We also looked and developed how a construction forum for the industry could be beneficial in sharing best practice. This is as we collectively look to improve our new projects from a sustainability point of view and aim to achieve the government reduction targets in
2030 and 2050.

Why did you apply for the Skills Bootcamp?

I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on the course through the University of Birmingham. This was due to the embodied carbon tracking I was undertaking on the Molecular Sciences project which Morgan Sindall were constructing for the university.