Please tell us about your experience of using the University's services.

I failed many times applying for casual work within the University’s job opportunities. I tried to reflect once again on my CV, cover letter and interview sessions. I was desperate and felt it didn’t work on me however I tried. The last interview session with the Worklink team, I asked for their feedback why I was unsuccessful and which point I needed to improve. They referred me to the careers networks link/site where I can find advice and guidance how to succeed in building CV, cover letter, group interviews etc. I learned from the site many beneficial materials I can apply for my next application. And here it is, I am successful applying for the PG Ambassador role.

Careers Network is one of the university service that I would recommend for anyone pursuing work, professional or any roles they want to take part. It is very helpful.

What has been your biggest achievement during your course so far?

I have been learning to appreciate my self more. To love my self more and not to be so hard to my self. I think it is one of my biggest lessons and achievements during my course. In terms of professional and academic, I have been a PGTA (Post Graduate Teaching Assistant ) in my department. It surely gives me new experiences and lessons.

What are the best things about your course?

It gives me millions of opportunities to see the real world. By doing my PhD course, I have connected with people with the same subject interests and collaborate with many people from different background. During my course I also learn how to have a growth mindset in terms of academic capacity, personal quality. I also realize the importance of study-life balance as well as maintaining my mental health.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to postgraduate study.

I am a second-year Post Graduate Researcher (PGR) in the College of Arts and Law. I am doing PhD Full Time by scholarship from my home government. As a mother student, It has been never easy to play this role as I have to be able to manage my time, energy, and mind while living in a totally new culture and country. I am always enthusiastic during my journey to postgraduate study. I try to be proactive looking for update and information about any events, programs or works involving PG students so I can make my most of time during my study here. I like meeting new friends, networking and collaborating with people from the different background. It gives me space to keep connected with the world and take me out from my cubicle.

What was your motivation for postgraduate study?

My biggest motivation is to let my self growing. I want to embrace every positive change and opportunity that come to my life. Never ending learning process is one of my motto in life. I also would like to spread positive vibes and inspiration to young women wherever they come from to not be afraid of pursuing higher and higher education.