Department of English Literature student Niamh Lawlor provides five reasons to study a Masters in English Literature at the University of Birmingham

Niamh, English Literature student

Take advantage of the skills you’ve already developed

Undergraduate study is a turbulent three years, filled with new people, ideas and learning curves at every corner. I loved every day of my undergraduate course, but I did feel that it was only in my third and final year that I’d fully got to grips with the work schedule that suited me, as well as the organisation that goes into a long-term project like a dissertation. By studying a Masters I was able to use all the skills I’d already learnt during undergraduate study and fully immerse myself in the course and the research that I love!

Specialise in what interests you most

Undergraduate study introduces you to a huge range of literary forms, genres and time periods in a way that allows you to understand both the magnitude and significance of the written word across history. The MA in the Department of English Literature offers a flexible variety of modules that allow you to select the topics that really interest you, giving you the freedom to really build the course around your personal interests. Whether you’re interested in Medieval manuscripts, Romantic poetry or the modern media, studying an English MA gives you the opportunity pursue your interests in a greater depth to undergraduate study as well as try out completely new topics, whilst being supported by academics and peers who share your passions

Opportunities to share your ideas with a supportive community of students

Having a generally smaller cohort means that there is far more opportunity to get to know your course mates and learn about their interests. Having the opportunity to really learn about the interests and dissertation topics of others creates a sense of community and support that gives you the confidence to share and discuss your ideas with others who love English as much as you do!

Gaining Transferable Skills

During MA study you are encouraged to evaluate and challenge ideas and opinions in a way that makes us better thinkers, writers and communicators – skills that are highly valued by all employers. Critical thinking is key to studying an MA and the course gives you the opportunity to formulate and present your ideas to others in friendly and supportive environment. As well as equipping you with the organisational, written and verbal skills vital to the workplace, studying an English MA offers you the chance of receiving regular advice and feedback in order to provide you with the confidence to enter the workplace.

It’s the opportunity to immerse yourself in everything literature has to offer

Studying an MA in English gives you the opportunity to understand how and why literature means so much to different people at different times. Both the University and the city of Birmingham offer you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of your literary interests and push yourself to understand them with a greater depth than at undergraduate study.