Embarking on postgraduate studies at the University of Birmingham is an enriching endeavour, but misconceptions can cast shadows on this transformative experience.

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering student Elizabeth Odususi is here to debunk these myths, illuminate the truth, and set the stage for your unforgettable PG experience!

1. “It’s unaffordable!”

The University of Birmingham is committed to making education accessible. There are various funding opportunities, including scholarships, grants, student loans and bursaries. Financial barriers should not hinder your academic aspirations. Explore available comprehensive financial support options tailored to your level of study, subject and country of domicile via the PG Funding Database and Student Support Fund, ensuring your dream education is within reach.

2. “You must study the same subject as your UG degree.”

The University of Birmingham encourages interdisciplinary exploration. You can pursue your passion across diverse fields, complemented by subject-relevant experiences. Your undergraduate degree should not confine you but serve as a foundation for widespread pursuits. Discover the freedom to explore new horizons and tailor your postgraduate journey to your evolving interests by courses and  subject areas. Feel free to email respective programme tutors!

3. “You need either an IELTS or TOEFL as an international student.”

The University recognises various proficiency tests, including relevant proof of English-assessed undergraduate studies by country and pre-sessional English courses. Many applicants overlook alternative options on the University webpage, causing by-passable delays. Familiarise yourself with the comprehensive list of accepted English language tests above to streamline your application process.

4. “You need to be a first-class genius.”

A holistic approach is valued at Birmingham. While academic excellence is appreciated, relevant experiences, creativity, leadership, and course-specific knowledge are equally crucial. Many programmes accept a 2:1, opening doors to a diverse pool of talented individuals. Showcase your well-rounded capabilities and passion for your chosen field during the application process.

5. “It is only for young people!”

Age is just a number at Birmingham. Postgraduate studies welcome individuals of all ages and backgrounds, fostering a vibrant, diverse community of learners. Embrace the inclusivity of UoB’s community and contribute to the rich tapestry of experiences.

6. “Postgraduate degrees delay employability.”

UoB’s postgraduate programmes are designed to enhance your employability. The skills and knowledge gained will not only prepare you for a successful career but open doors to exciting opportunities with 92% securing employment within six months after graduation. Explore career development resources and support services available to postgraduate students.

7. “A Masters degree will make no difference.”

UoB’s prestigious Masters degrees hold significant value in the professional world, providing a competitive edge and expertise in your chosen field. Discover how to transform the impact of a Masters degree on your career.

8. “There is no social life or interest building!”

The University offers a vibrant social scene and numerous interest-based societies and communities to make your postgraduate journey socially enriching as it is academically fulfilling. Immerse yourself in the diverse social opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

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