Zakiyatul Mufidah is a second-year postgraduate researcher (PGR) at the University of Birmingham. Read on as they share their stories about the services and support you can access as a postgraduate student through the University Graduate School, one of the university’s most valuable gems for the PG community!

University Graduate School (UGS)

UGS is part of the university that supports postgraduate researchers (PGR) and postgraduate taught (PGT) students. Its main goal is to ensure that all PGR and PGT students have access to the highly postgraduate experience at the university. That is why UGS also closely works with other university support services. UGS offers a variety of academic, social and well-being activities throughout the year. Here are some essential activities that can foster an interdisciplinary postgraduate community, develop transferable skills, meet fellow postgraduates and gain career support. Most of the events or activities initiated by the UGS are tailored to meet PG accessibility needs, and both can be accessed in person and online.

Academic events

To support PG’s academic needs, UGS has regular events to help PG students boost their academics, showcase their research, and make their research heard. So, prepare yourself to embrace the opportunities through the annual events such as UGS talks, PG Research Festivals, Three Minutes thesis competition, and Images Research Competition.

Social events

Some social events that can make our PG life more lively, such as PGR Lunch, PGR Film Club and Badminton Social Club, are all initiated to meet PG study life balance. If you want to escape for a while from your cubicle, the social events are for you!

While I have made some highlights on the activities above, you are all welcome to explore more.

How can we make use of Westmere House during our studies at UoB?

Westmere house is located at the G15 building (see UoB map). It is a postgraduate research hub where almost all PG research activities and events take place. So, are you curious about what we can do and get at the Westmere House? Yes, it must be related with the PG community events and facilities. It is where regular PG community events, such as the PGR lunch club and PGR Film community events, are conducted.

If you fancy working in a quiet but supportive environment, we can request a desk at the Westmere house, as well! All PGRs are entitled to a desk completed with the computer desktop, kitchen, and common spaces within the building. We can also book spaces for a meeting or an event there. Find out more about the Westmere house.

Above is the spotlight on what and how we can make our most studies as PG student here at UoB. So, don’t miss out on any opportunity and support we can get from the university. Do explore and pick as many as you wish!