Arriving at the University of Birmingham campus for the Postgraduate Open Day is an exciting endeavour for prospective students. MSc Financial Management student Shivani Halkatti explains how the journey can be seamlessly facilitated through various transportation options.

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By Train

For a swift and direct journey, the train is an excellent choice. Prospective students traveling by train to attend the Postgraduate Open Day can board a train from Birmingham New Street to University station. This direct connection places visitors in close proximity to the campus, making it an efficient and time-effective option. Before departure, checking the train schedule and platform details at Birmingham New Street station is advisable to ensure a smooth transition. 

By Car

Driving to the University of Birmingham offers flexibility and convenience, allowing prospective students to explore the surroundings at their own pace. Navigating to the campus by car can be easily accomplished using Google maps. For first-time visitors and students travelling by car, designated parking spots are crucial. The University typically provides designated Visitors parking facilities, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience. Look for clearly marked visitor parking areas on or near the campus, providing convenient and accessible parking for those arriving by car.

By Bus

While buses might not be the primary choice for long-distance travel, they offer local convenience and can be an integral part of a multi-modal journey. For those considering public transport, the nearest bus stations to the University of Birmingham include Selly Oak and University station, with the 61, 63, X21 and X22 services running frequently to and from the city centre. Prospective students can use these routes to easily connect with the university campus. The comprehensive bus network, typically operated by National Express West Midlands, provides flexibility for those looking to explore the local area before or after the Open Day.

Upon arrival

Upon reaching campus, there are several key areas that prospective students may want to explore:

  1. Check-in: Begin at the Bramall Music Building and Aston Webb Building, where friendly staff can provide information about the Open Day schedule, campus tours, and answer any initial queries.
  2. Schools and Departments: Visit the academic departments or Schools relevant to your field of interest. This is an opportunity to interact with faculty, explore facilities, and gain insights into the academic environment.
  3. Student Services: Familiarise yourself with student services, including the careers centre, counselling services, and student support. Understanding the available resources can enhance your overall university experience.
  4. Campus Facilities: Take a stroll around the campus to explore its facilities, libraries, and recreational spaces. This provides a glimpse into the daily life of a University of Birmingham student.
  5. University Accommodation: If you’re considering on-campus housing, take the opportunity to explore the student accommodation options and get a sense of the living environment.

The close proximity of stations and designated parking spots ensures a seamless arrival, while key areas on campus provide valuable insights into academic life. Exploring the University’s facilities and interacting with faculty and staff can contribute to an informed decision-making process for prospective postgraduate students. Enjoy the Open Day and exploring the campus of the University of Birmingham!

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