The beginning of my new life adventure

I absolutely love science and England was my dream destination. This dream therefore became a reality when I went to the University of Huddersfield for my Medical Genetics degree. From the first day in the labs I was determined that I wanted to do a Masters too. From that moment I started thorough research to make my ambitions a reality.

Courses, courses, courses…Which one to choose?

When I started my online research, the number of courses available was overwhelming! Which one was the right one for me? I asked my project supervisor and since I enjoyed labs, he advised I search for an MRes (Masters of Research). An MRes gives you more lab experience and independence than an MSc by letting you carry out interesting science since you start on day one. Woo-hoo!

I had manged to narrow down my search, but there was still a lot left to do.

The school of Biosciences – where my Biological Masters is based

Russel Group Universities

As I was searching for courses I learned about the Russel group unis. The Russel group consists of 24 UK universities which deliver world-class research and prestigious education. “Yeah, I really want to study at a Russel group uni!” I said to myself.

MRes at the University of Birmingham

I found the MRes in Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University of Birmingham. The course specification was very detailed and there was the option to do two very innovative modules on Communicating Science and Biotechnology Methods. Birmingham also allowed us to choose the lab group that we want based on the science that interests us. Fab! And the tuition fees were almost half the tuition fees of many other courses.

An overview of Birmingham’s beautiful campus

Postgrad open day

Fascinated by this course, I decided to go to the next Postgraduate Open Day, see the uni in real life and to learn even more things. I was amazed! The campus is huge with many impressive buildings and everyone I met was so helpful.

The University of Birmingham is in the top 100th worldwide Universities and is the top 20th in the UK. It is also the most targeted university by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers. I had made up my mind and my only thought was to go back home and apply asap.

The lovely library – my second home

Off we go!

After less than a week, in one of my happiest mornings I received a “ We are pleased to inform you…” letter from the University of Birmingham. I screamed so hard that I couldn’t talk for half an hour! I showed the letter to everyone around, my mother, my father, my brother, my neighbours. “YES, I made it!, Birmingham accepted me. The next amazing chapter of my life is now starting!“

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I wish you all the best,

Stelinda 😊

If you’d like to come along to see the campus for yourself, learn even more about postgraduate courses and get a taste of what it is really like to be a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham, come along to our next Postgraduate Open Day on Wednesday the 16th of March. Follow this link to sign up and for further information: