Taking the step towards postgraduate study can feel like a big adventure. MSc Economics student Sanya Aggarwal is here to act as your guide for our next Postgraduate Open Day.

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Welcome, future postgrads, to the University of Birmingham – your gateway to a world of academic wonder! As a postgraduate ambassador myself, I’m thrilled to walk you through the vibrant tapestry of experiences that await you at our esteemed institution.

So, what’s in store for you at a Postgraduate Open Day? Let’s embark on this enchanting journey together…

Before Your Visit

Plan Ahead

First things first, dear wanderer. Set your compass by exploring the departments, faculty, and courses that captivate your curiosity. This is your treasure map to making the most of your day in this academic wonderland.

Prepare Questions

Pack your adventurer’s kit with a list of questions that’ll turn you into a detective of knowledge. Our faculty, students, and staff are your trusty guides, ready to unveil the secrets of your potential future at Birmingham.

During Your Visit

Campus Exploration

Begin your quest with a tour of our sprawling campus. Behold the awe-inspiring Old Joe Clock Tower, our very own emblem, and don’t forget to get lost in the eco-friendly oasis of the Green Heart. It’s like strolling through a mystical forest in the heart of the city.

Hidden Gems

Discover cultural gems that would make even Indiana Jones envious. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts houses a trove of artistic wonders, and the Lapworth Museum of Geology holds ancient secrets that will spark your curiosity.

Attend Subject Specific Sessions

Time to enrol in your academic Hogwarts. Attend departmental workshops and have a tête-à-tête with the wise wizards – our staff. Share your dreams and aspirations, and let them guide you on your academic journey.

Chat with Current Students

For a true insider’s perspective, have a chit-chat with our friendly student ambassadors. They hold the keys to unlocking Birmingham’s secrets – from their lodging escapades to the most exciting extracurricular quests.

Experience the City Centre

Venture out to Birmingham’s bustling city centre, a land of enchantment. Find your way to charming canals, the spellbinding Jewellery Quarter, and the retail treasure trove known as the Bullring. Beware, shopaholics – it’s a shopping spree like no other!

After Your Visit


Take a moment to sit by the fire, metaphorically speaking, and ponder your journey. What facets of the courses, the city, and the campus tugged at your heartstrings? Birmingham might just be your academic El Dorado.

Reach Out

Summon the academic or admissions departments with your queries. They’re your magical allies, always ready to guide you through your academic odyssey.

As a proud resident of this academic realm, I can attest to the enchantments the University of Birmingham offers. The campus, a blend of beauty and intellect, sets the stage for academic adventures. The faculty, your wise mentors, are ever-present, ready to cast the spell of knowledge upon you.

Birmingham, the city, is a vivid tapestry of culture and diversity. Culinary treasures await, and the stage is set for social soirées of epic proportions. It’s a city where your personal and intellectual life can waltz harmoniously.

In conclusion, your Postgraduate Open Day is the golden key to unravelling the wonders of the University of Birmingham. Chart your course, embark on the adventure, and emerge with the knowledge to forge your postgraduate destiny. Birmingham extends a warm, whimsical welcome, and we eagerly await your presence in our mystical academic realm. Your adventure awaits!

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