A brief history of your career since leaving the University of Birmingham

Graduated from Masters in Physics and Astrophysics. Returned to the Uni to do a post graduate Masters in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. Was recruited into an Engineering Consultancy as part of a Nuclear Business Unit, supporting a range of customers in the sector. Delivered a number of projects related to submarine reactors, during which I demonstrated the knowledge and skillset to become Chartered with the Institute of Physics. Over time I took on more project delivery responsibilities, eventually overseeing delivery of a wide range of projects. At this time I then changed sector to begin applying what I had learnt in the Rolling Stock (Rail) sector. I took on account manager responsibilities, developing the projects into a large customer account. I then moved company to where I am now, helping to establish an SME in the consultancy domain across a range of sectors, including Defence, Transport, Aero, and Marine.

Skills and knowledge from your postgraduate degree have you used in your career so far

My experience from the Post Graduate masters was directly applicable to my day-to-day work from day one of my employment. In fact, during a conversation with a senior manager, they thought that given my knowledge of reactor systems, I must have spent time in industry before going back to uni. The skills I learnt at university have been used at work in terms of data management. I use them daily in delivery of large and complex projects

Main work activities in your current role

I deliver projects with our customers as well as project manage a range of others. I also work with our customers senior management to identify work packages for delivery. Alongside this, I also work with our early career engineers as a mentor to get them on the path to Chartership. I also work with Universities to establish joint projects to help catapult latest research and technology into industry. A current project I am working on aims to give students direct experience of engineering projects alongside their studies. Finally, I also work with my directors to help establish our relatively young company's processes and procedures and set the business up for success.

A typical day in your job

Busy! No day is the same. From onsite delivery (I've been aboard Nuclear submarines during commissioning trials) to taking projects through design reviews with Chief Engineers. Each day I can from one moment be working "on the shop floor" to then contributing to senior management meetings.

Main challenges in your role

Recruiting capable Engineers/Scientists/Mathematicians to fulfil the challenging work we do

Why did this type of work appeal to you?

One of our main considerations when taking on projects is "is it interesting?". We look for challenging work where we can be deploying latest technology and methodology to solve our customer's problems.

Advice for students looking to enter this area of work?

Extracurricular activities when you're at Uni. When recruiting, we need to see what interests you as a person. University student groups cater for a huge range of interests, and taking an active role in those groups (committee positions especially!) will really make you stand out to potential recruiters.