Riani Rachmawati

A brief history of your career since leaving the University of Birmingham

After I obtained my PhD Degree in Labour Economics, I returned to my previous workplace, Universitas Indonesia. Since then, I became a full-time member of academic staff while also undertaking additional roles: Team Leader for Business Accreditation, Head of Undergraduate program, and currently Director of HR.

Skills and knowledge from your postgraduate degree have you used in your career so far

I use academic English and different research methodologies constantly. Everything I learned on my degree has been useful, especially things like employee participation and a pluralist standpoint, as they relate to my current position as HR Director.

Main work activities in your current role

Developing HR policies, making programs to pass on or cascade strategy, implementing and monitoring programs, and building networks with stakeholders, one of which is the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

A typical day in your job

Busy, complex, sometimes complicated, yet always exciting.

Main challenges in your role

Constantly changing government regulations can provide a challenge, as can the development of IT-based HR systems, understanding Gen Y and Z and developing Employee Value Proposition.

Why did this type of work appeal to you?

I’ve always liked Human Resource Management (HRM) and this type of work gives me exercise to apply what I've learnt while also giving me opportunities to learn continuously.

Advice for students looking to enter this area of work?

Try to understand what you learn in the classroom. Many say that what we study and what happens in practice are so different. They are not so different, it is us who need to better enact what we learn.