A brief history of your career since leaving the University of Birmingham

Since leaving UoB I have always been in a teaching position. I taught at St Albans School for 8 years and I have now been at Caterham School for 12 years.

Skills and knowledge from your postgraduate degree have you used in your career so far

Research skills, teaching, and leading seminars.

Main work activities in your current role


A typical day in your job

There is no typical day; they are all very different. The role requires lots of energy and enthusiasm though, but pays in excitement.

Main challenges in your role

Balancing the workload with life outside of work.

Why did this type of work appeal to you?

I enjoy making a difference to students.

Advice for students looking to enter this area of work?

Go for it. This is an incredibly rewarding career, and I don’t regret any of the last 20 years!