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This Postgraduate Virtual Open Day is designed to inform prospective postgraduate students, applicants and offer holders about the the postgraduate research programme available within the School of Chemistry and how to prepare for your course.

Students will develop new skills and competencies in a range of areas key to drug discovery, including synthesis, molecular modelling, toxicology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and information science.

We remain one of the leading centres of research and teaching in chemistry in the UK supported by state-of-the-art facilities, with enthusiastic and dedicated staff and students.

Dr Paramaconi Rodriguez, (Birmingham Fellow and Director of Postgraduate Research) will be available between 13:00-14:00 for the Live Q&A to answer any questions about postgraduate research in Chemistry.

Four of our postgraduate mentors have studied in the School of Chemistry:

You are welcome to ask them any questions you have about what it’s like to work in the Department.

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Speaker profiles

  • Dr Paramaconi Rodriguez

    Para is Director of Postgraduate Research and specialises in molecular-level understanding of (electro)catalysis. (Live Q&A 13.00-14.00)

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the School of Chemistry live event.

We’ve come to the end of our Q&A session today. Thank you very much to everyone who took part – I hope we managed to be of assistance and provide the information that you were looking for.

We will hold many more of these virtual open day events over the coming months so please check now and again to see what we’ve got lined up for the future. If you’d like to visit our campus (in real life!), our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2017. We also run bespoke campus tours throughout term time and Cafés at which you can meet current students.

Ariyo asked:

Please introduce myself Dr Rodriguez, my name is Ariyo, I came from Indonesia and right now I have already have LoA unconditional from the University under supervision by Dr Joseph Hriljac and Dr Paul Anderson. Unfortunately, until now I still don’t have any sponsorship yet either from my country or from external. What do you think, should I apply for deferral yet since my LoA said that my course will start on 25 September 2017? Thank you

Paramaconi replied:

Hi Ariyo,

This is something you will need to discuss with your principal supervisor. The PhD projects are associated to an specific project and depending on the project, sometimes it is urgent for the academic to start the project as soon as possible, therefore the supervisor may want to assing the project to other student. Sometimes, this might not be the case and it is possible to postpone the starting date. I strongly suggest you to contact Dr. Hriljac and ask him if he will be able to postpone your starting date and for how long. Dr. Hriljac is the Head of Postgraduate Admissions in Chemistry, so he will be able to give you the more accurate answer in terms of time of deferral.

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The standing of the research conducted in the School of Chemistry has been recognised in the 2008 HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise where 60% of our research activity was rated “internationally excellent” or “world leading”. The School is one of the best-equipped in the United Kingdom and the University and Research Councils have made very significant investments in the research infrastructure. In fact over the last five years, the school has seen an investment of more than £2 million in Research and Teaching infrastructure and the creation of 15 new staff posts. Following these investments, the School is in position to play a leading role in research well into the future.

Welcome to this virtual open day about postgraduate opportunities with the School of Chemistry. Dr Paramaconi Rodriguez, (Birmingham Fellow and Director of Postgraduate Research) is now available online until 14:00 to answer your questions.

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