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This Postgraduate Virtual Open Day is designed to inform prospective postgraduate students, applicants and offer holders about the postgraduate courses available within the School of Computer Science and how to prepare you for your course:

Computer Science at Birmingham provides specialist teaching and conducts world-leading research in fundamental and applied computer science, artificial intelligence, optimisation, computer security, medical imaging and robotics. We deliver outstanding education that offers a range of exciting career opportunities for students from around the world. The School of Computer Science at University of Birmingham has consistently been ranked in the Top 10 in UK league tables.

Professor Jeremy Wyatt (Admissions Tutor for MSc Robotics), Dr David Galindo (Admissions Tutor for MSc Cyber Security),  Dr Rowanne Fleck (Admissions Tutor for MSc Human Computer Interaction),  Dr Hayo Thielecke (Admissions Tutor for MSc Advanced Computer Science), Dr Peter Hancox (Director of Postgraduate Admissions for Research in the School of Computer Science) and Helen Whitby (Admissions and Marketing Coordinator) will be online for the Live Q&A between 14:00-15:00 to answer your questions about the programmes.

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Eight of our postgraduate mentors have studied in the School of Computer Science:

You are welcome to ask them any questions you have about what it’s like to study in the School.

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Speaker profiles

  • Professor Jeremy Wyatt

    Jeremy is Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and Admissions Tutor for MSc Robotics. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Dr David Galindo

    David is a Lecturer in Computer Security and Admissions Tutor for MSc Cyber Security. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Dr Rowanne Fleck

    Rowanne is a Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction and Admissions Tutor for MSc Human Computer Interaction. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Dr Hayo Thielecke

    Hayo is a Lecturer in Computer Science and Admissions Tutor for MSc Advanced Computer Science. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Dr Peter Hancox

    Peter is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Director of Postgraduate Admissions for Research. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Helen Whitby

    Helen is Admissions and Marketing Coordinator in the School of Computer Science. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the School of Computer Science live event.

We’ve come to the end of our Q&A session today. Thank you very much to everyone who took part – I hope we managed to be of assistance and provide the information that you were looking for.

We will hold many more of these virtual open day events over the coming months so please check now and again to see what we’ve got lined up for the future. If you’d like to visit our campus (in real life!), our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2017. We also run bespoke campus tours throughout term time and Cafés at which you can meet current students.

Sam Wolff asked:

Hello, for the purposes of software development, are there a number of test machines (including mobile devices) that we can use?

Dr Peter Hancox, Director of Postgraduate Admissions, School of Computer Science replied:

I’ve supervised projects running under Windows, linux, Android amogst others.  Does that answer your question?


Lawrence asked:

What percentage of students in MSc ACS and MSc Cyber are international students?

Hayo Thielecke replied:

In MSc ACS, the majority of students are international students. Equivalently for MSc Cyber Security.


Joshua Anderson asked:

Hello, How many exams approximately are there through the academic year? Also could you summarise the topics of each exam that will be held on the course? Thank you.

Rowanne Fleck replied:

Dear Joshua,
I’m afraid I’m not completely clear which program you are applying to? The exams you do are related to the modules you choose, which is determined by the degree that you are on. Some of the modules have coursework elements (including class tests) or are entirely coursework – and this work is usually completed throughout the semester during which the module is taught. For subjects where some of the assessment is based on a final exam, these exams take place in May (with resits in late August).

Cyriac asked:

Hello, When will the university accommodation allotment get finalised? I need an address to show where I will stay for my visa approval. If it takes longer, could there be a possibilty where you can help me out?

Helen replied:

Hello there, that would be a question for Living.  You can contact them at: