Postgraduate Opportunities with Birmingham Law School

This online chat event is designed to inform prospective postgraduate students and current applicants about the postgraduate opportunities available within the Birmingham Law School.

Birmingham Law School has a long tradition of producing cutting-edge research that has real-world impact and informs the challenging and exciting learning environment our students experience. Our academic staff are amongst the country’s most eminent legal scholars and are regular contributors to the scholarly literature on the law.

Gemma Cullen (Admissions Coordinator at the Birmingham Law School) and Ben Atkins (part of the Postgraduate Recruitment Team for the College of Arts and Law) will be available online between 14:00-15:00 for the Live Q&A to answer your questions about studying in the Birmingham Law School.

You are very welcome to ask our current and past students about their experience in studying Law with the Birmingham Law School.

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Speaker profiles

  • Gemma Cullen

    Gemma is the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator at the Birmingham Law School. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

  • Ben Atkins

    Ben is the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Manager at the Birmingham Law School. (Live Q&A 14:00-15:00)

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the Postgraduate Opportunities with Birmingham Law School live event.

We’ve come to the end of our Q&A session today. Thank you very much to everyone who took part – I hope we managed to be of assistance and provide the information that you were looking for.

We will hold many more of these online chat events over the coming months so please check now and again to see what we’ve got lined up for the future. If you’d like to visit our campus (in real life!), our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Saturday 23 November 2019. We also run bespoke campus tours throughout term time and Cafés at which you can meet current students.

Nadeesha asked:

Hi, Thank you very much for your quick replies! And finally I would like to know the like for scholarships award for law PhD by distance learning?

Gemma replied:

Hi Nadeesha,

You can find out more about fees & funding here.

Please also visit the University’s Postgraduate funding database.

Thanks, Gemma

Peter Weeks asked:

Hello, Is there a supervisor who would be able to supervise a Phd involving the church and the state, in particular looking at the Clergy Discipline Measures?

Ben Atkins replied:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the question,

Our staff have a wide range of research focus, you can view all our research interests online via –

It would be worth investigating this list and contacting any potential supervisors based on your own interests.



Nadeesha asked:

May I know the usual intake periods for law PhD by distance learning

Ben replied:

Hi Nadeesha,

Applications are accepted at any time though we strongly encourage students to begin their studies at the start of the UK academic year (September).



Nadeesha asked:

How will the supervisor’s help in distance learning (Law PhD in health and health care law)..Is the supervisor is always available for me when I get an issue when engaging on progress

Ben Atkins replied:

Hi again Nadeesha,

Thanks for the question. Your supervisor will be busy doing a range of things including teaching, university business and their own research, so they wont always be available to answer questions.  Part of the PhD process is to develop your own approach to the topic and work .You would arrange suitable times to meet and discuss with your supervisor, but this would be a discussion with your supervisor.