Postgraduate opportunities with The Shakespeare Institute

This online chat event is designed to inform prospective postgraduate students, applicants and offer holders about study opportunities and how to prepare for your course at the Shakespeare Institute:

Being based in the heart of Stratford upon Avon, the Shakespeare Institute enjoys close and developing relations with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. It has its own purpose-built world-class research library, run by a priceless team of expert librarians. It plays host to the most prestigious international Shakespeare conference in the world.

Dr Erin Sullivan (Senior Lecturer and Tutor for Distance Learning at The Shakespeare Institute) and Dan Brindley (part of the Postgraduate Recruitment Team for the College of Arts and Law) will be available for the Live Q&A between 15:00-16:00.

Thirteen of our postgraduate mentors have studied at the Shakespeare Institute:

You are welcome to ask them any questions you have about what it’s like to work in the School.

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Speaker profiles

  • Dr Erin Sullivan

    Erin is a Senior Lecturer and Tutor for Distance Learning at The Shakespeare Institute. (Live Q&A 15:00-16:00)

  • Dan Brindley

    Dan is part of the Postgraduate Recruitment Team for the College of Arts and Law. (Live Q&A 15:00-16:00)

Q&A Archive

These were the questions asked during the Postgraduate opportunities with The Shakespeare Institute live event.
Lori Sanger Shanebeck asked:

Hello Erin. I am 62 years old with a solid academic background and years directing theatre. It has been a dream to study Shakespeare at the Institute. Should I even try or would I be considered too old? I’m ok with the honest answer. I’m also American so this would be a huge step for me. But I want to use a degree to help disadvantaged students and maybe veterans through engaging with Shakespeare.

Erin replied:

Hi Lori, thank you for your question! You are certainly not too old. In fact, we have had many students who are far older than you. Please do not let age deter you. If you choose to study part-time by distance learning, you will find that the students come from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds, are from many different countries, and are all different ages. If you choose to study full-time on-site, you will find that the study body in Stratford tends to be a little more ‘traditional’ (i.e. younger), but there is still a good amount of diversity in terms of age and background. I would certainly encourage you to apply.

Liz Reed asked:

Post-Brexit, as a UK Citizen but a French resident, will that affect my registration as a distance learner? Would it curtail my entitlement to study?

Erin replied:

You would certainly still be able to study with us, but you’d have to check with student services to see if it would affect your registration status. At the moment, our distance learning fees are the same for UK/EU and overseas students, although different arrangements have to be made for students classed as ‘overseas’ if they come to visit us on-site. I would add, though, that it is still possible for overseas students to visit us on-site, and indeed many choose to do so.

We’ve come to the end of our Q&A session today. Thank you very much to everyone who took part – I hope we managed to be of assistance and provide the information that you were looking for.

We will hold many more of these online chat events over the coming months so please check now and again to see what we’ve got lined up for the future. If you’d like to visit our campus (in real life!), our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Saturday 23 November 2019. We also run bespoke campus tours throughout term time and Cafés at which you can meet current students.

Liz Reed asked:

Excellent! I really hope to have a place and to have the opportunity of meeting you. Regards, Liz

Erin replied:

Wonderful! Lovely to speak with you.

Liz Reed asked:

Thanks again Erin. Are any of the Thursday seminars videod for later access to distance students?

Erin replied:

Yes, we use a recording programme called Panopto to record as many of the Thursday seminars and other special events as possible. We have to have the permission of the speaker in order to record, so whether or not we are able to provide a video is down to the preference of the speaker. Most speakers, however, are happy to grant permission, so I’d say on average we are able to record about 80% of the lectures..