Amy Eburne

Subject Business
Course MSc Marketing
Country United Kingdom
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On the website, I know that Management MSc divided with four Specialist Pathways in Strategy, Operations, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Organisational Leadership & Change. I have obtained your conditional offer of Management Msc. Does that mean I have to choose a mix path in the coming year? Am I still allowed to choose a special path to learn and obtain a diploma with the specialist pathway after the examination is passed? Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask. Usually, you have set modules and can opt to choose additional ones. They don’t tend to weigh into the actual degree qualification you have, as it is a combined result.

Hi! I would like to ask you about Msc Marketing programme. Can you tell me something more about its structure, modules etc? How much time do you devote for attending classes and studying? Is it possible to work part time while studying this course? Are there many international students? Thank you for your reply!

The course is pretty much like a 9-5 job with periods for independent and group studying throughout the day. If your timetable allows you to have 1 day off in the week, you can expect to use that time for studying and finishing assignments as well as catching up on notes from the week. There is work to be completed for the following class (sometimes 1 week apart, sometimes due the same week), so you should always have things to do, and time to do it!

I managed to work a part time job at weekends and some week nights. Depending on how you feel you are coping with the work load can determine how many hours you work part-time, as when you get closer to essays/exams or work being due in, pressure is high and you will need all the time you can get. Based on this, if you were to take a part-time job, I’d recommend a flexible hours one.

There are lots of international students! During my year of study, international students contributed to around 90% of the students taking the course.

The modules started off with generic marketing and techniques, i.e. market research and consumer behaviour. You can then choose which others you do, such as business to business, retail, or environmental strategy, depending on your own interests.

Hope this answers your questions, feel free to ask any more you have!

How is the student lecture relationship like?

Lecturers tend to be really open to answer your questions, answering your emails in good time and staying behind after lectures and seminars to discuss topics with you.

How did you manage the financial commitment? Do you think the MSc is worth the cost? Thank you!

It is costly, yes. But with a Government loan it makes the cost less of a burden.

Whilst completing this course, I worked part-time which helped with additional costs, like commuting and course fees. So, I would say it is worth it as this degree and university is highly regarded and it makes it so much easier to get you foot in the door with employers, than without a degree in marketing.

Was there a big transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study?

For me, yes. As I did an undergraduate English degree that in my final year had 4 hours contact time, it was a big transition to do into a degree which was like a full-time job for me. Much of the course is also group work, so you have to quickly learn how to adapt to other people in a way you are not made to in undergraduate study.

Do you have anything lined up for once you have completed your degree?

I have been to several interviews for various marketing roles, and some I am yet to hear from. I think I will be taking a few days off to relax and enjoy the end of my 12-months of study – perhaps with a holiday!

What has been the highlight of your time at Birmingham?

Not only did I make some great friendships with people I otherwise would never have met, an all-expenses paid trip to Coniston in the Lake District was the highlight of the course for me. Not only did I bond with international students, it was also great fun.

Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

I knew if I was to carry on studying after my BA then I would be living at home. I live in the heart of the West Midlands, meaning there are multiple universities to choose from, however UoB was top of my list due to it’s high, redbrick status, I’ve always dreamed to be a student.

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I decided to undertake my master’s degree because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in marketing. As my undergraduate degree was academic (English Language and Literature), I found it difficult to apply for jobs without a degree specialising in my chosen field. The course specification was interesting and provided me with knowledge I did not have before.