Alex Omelchuk

Subject Civil Engineering
Course MSc Construction Management
Country Ukraine
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I did bachelor’s degree mathematics, it’s advisable to do master on civil engineering

I am not sure whether I understand your question right. But if you are interested in civil engineering, the mathematical background will be helpful.

How did you grow as a person by studying at University? Did it change your life in any way?

During my studies I have substantially increased the understanding of my future goals. The University provided me with the opportunity to get closer to professionals who had already been working in the construction industry, which eventually motivated me to find a job. I liked my course because of the interesting modules and the very organised and productive schedule of the programme. Moreover, group working and presentations increased my self -confidence in speaking in front of an audience and pushed me to become more collaborative. I liked the opportunity of studying with international students, which gave me a chance to learn about different countries and to better understand how to find a common language with people from completely different environments.

Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

First of all, I chose the University of Birmingham because of its good reputation within the civil engineering field. It is one of the top Universities in the UK. Also, the fact that the University is part of the Russell Group gave me the impression of a very reliable and competitive institution, which meant that they care about the students, invest in the knowledge and the research with the result of attracting the best professors and companies and in terms of employability after the graduation, the University of Birmingham has high rates in the ranking list.

How has your career developed since graduating from the University of Birmingham?

Before finishing my Masters, I started working with Arcadis in July on a part -time basis in a project management team. The role was called: Summer Placement Project Manager. I was interested in a permanent position though after my graduation. At the end of the summer my contract had been extended for another three months in order to monitor my performance and progress. Now the company has provided me with a permanent position as a project manager. During this period, I have dramatically improved my knowledge and understanding of the construction process in the building industry. This experience helped me to understand better what I like more and which career path I would like to follow.

What advice would you give to current students studying on the course?

I would suggest to make the most of your experience as students. The University provides a huge amount of information and activities, try to participate in them as much as you can. Be active and social people, it will help you to become a more easy going person, which is very useful for the future. Moreover, apart from the educational background, try to learn more about different cultures and languages through making friends and acquaintances. Follow the news of the industry you study and try to create an opinion about your preferences, companies, their projects and visions. Discover the city in which you study and be positive in accepting new experiences.

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

My aim was to find a job at a competitive international construction company. Having a civil engineering educational background, I decided to combine technical knowledge with managerial skills. I did a Masters in Construction Management in order to become more recognisable as a young professional. Moreover, my dream was to participate in the construction of massive, significant projects all over the world. Therefore, I had chosen to broaden my knowledge by doing postgraduate studies. Also, I thought that it would be beneficial for me to get in touch with international people and to improve my knowledge about different cultures, countries and languages.