Alice Ingle

Subject Education
Course Postgraduate Diploma Secondary Education (QTS) - Science: Biology
Country United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is ajeng. Would you tell me what are the differences when you trained to be a teacher in postgraduate and undergraduate. I mean when you are in postgraduate, are you teaching high schoolers or university students? How it makes any difference in the way you teach? Thank you


My undergraduate degree was not in teaching, it was in Forensic science. Because I chose the secondary teaching degree I only taught high school students. I did have a 6th form class where I taught A levels. This was generally nicer than the lower years as the classes were smaller and more personal. Also the students actually want to be there and are interested so that helps a lot. The only issue is the subject knowledge. The detail is a lot higher than in the lower years so you really have to know your topics, and be able to answer the questions they ask.

Hi, just want to ask you, can international student apply for this course? Is it still available for application?


Yes I do think an international student can apply for the course. However the 2016/17 places may be filled by now. I would email to be sure.

Could you please tell me about the university in general? student experience, living, etc.

I have only been at the University of Birmingham since September (I did my Undergrad at Staffordshire University), and as the course is mainly in placement schools I don’t have the best experience of standard university life there. However, I have joined many societies along side people from different years, this has enabled me to get a feel for what it would be like if I had been here longer. Every society is very welcoming and hold many events to join in on, often societies like Doctor Who and Harry Potter hold joint events, making it a great atmosphere to be in. The university itself is beautiful and there are plenty of areas you can eat or study, no matter what time of day. I live a 20 minute cycle from the Uni, but I haven’t heard anything bad about the halls of residence, but I don’t know enough to comment. Selly Oak has everything a student needs, (Aldi, Tesco express, pubs, takeaways, hair dressers, and many more shops!) and is where most students move to due to it being 5 minutes walk from Uni. My friend lives there and enjoys everything being so close and accessible. When choosing my teacher training course I had two options, UOB or Keele, I love being a part of UOB and wouldn’t change my decision. Hope this helps 🙂

How will your degree prepare you for what you want to do afterwards?

Doing my teacher training will give me a the right tools and confidence to be able to teach my own classes during my NQT year and onwards. These two years will slowly introduce me into teaching more and more classes until I have a full timetable. I will be able to see what tactics work with certain types of pupils and have resources available to create fun and interesting lessons.

Do you have anything lined up for once you have completed your degree?

I plan on moving back to Yorkshire to be closer to family. I am looking to apply at different schools in the Bradford area to carry out my NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year and then become a full science teacher.

Have you joined any clubs or societies, gone on any research trips or done any volunteering?

I have joined the Doctor Who Society, Pole Fit, the Baking Society and Kids Adventure. DocSoc meet every Tuesday, I’ve only ever missed one! I am a huge fan of the show so having a group of people with the same mind-set is a great atmosphere. Pole Fit is every Monday and Thursday. I want people to know that pole dancing has a fitness side which should not be sexualised. It is a fun way to exercise and requires a lot of strenght.  BakeSoc meet every other Wednesday and we have fun competitions and get to eat a lot of cake! Kids Adventure is one of the best experiences I have had. We take children from disadvantaged areas and give them opportunities to have fun and be kids. It is so rewarding seeing them happy and care free

Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

The course at University of Birmingham is a Postgraduate Diploma in Education rather than a Certificate of Education. This means the assignments are at a higher (masters) level than normal PGCEs. The course is also very placement orientated and the schools you are put in are highly established and provide great support during your time there.

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I love working with children and have a passionate drive to become an outstanding teacher. Having the opportunity to influence young adults and develop their natural curiosity is something every science teacher can do easily. It is important to let pupils know they can achieve anything they aim for, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, as they may not feel confident. I believe being a teacher is an extremely important role in a child’s life and I want to be able to have a positive impact.