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I am a Ghanaian but am staying in Italy. Can I apply as EU student?

Hi – It is unlikely you would be eligible for EU fees but please contact who can provide more detail


Hi – our scholarship database will list all the funding you are eligible for:

Dear Katie, I would like to start my phd distance studies at Bham University. Last December I got my MA in English and literature, in Poland. My MA thesis was on Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poetry. Thera are so many questions I would like to ask. What exactly distance learning look like? I am so worried I will be left with a list of books to be read on my own and little help from the supervisors. What is the exact involvement of one’ tutors in the reasearch programme? I cannot attend regular courses. I am married, with three choldren, but am so passionate about further self-development, expanding my knowledge, developing my abilities. Are there any modules/subjects in distance learning or is it only research on one’s own? Sorry for asking so many questions. I have never done anything like distance learning and I really don’tknow what to expect. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance, best wishes, Kate



The PhD is your own individual research project so there is no set reading etc. Our academics are great at supporting distance learners. It is policy to try and Skype at least once a month but they are all so accommodating on an individual basis.

I would suggest contacting an academic with similar research interests to start helping you construct a research proposal:

What are the job opportunities after completing the course in Masters in communication engineering in UK

The graduate employment figures for the course are high. It definitely pays to talk to staff on the course and to use them to help you network.

How long does the application process take?What happens if I get offered a place but my Trust then withdraw funding?

The application process can take up to two months. It is possible to defer for a year if you are successful and then your funding is withdrawn.

I want to apply for study postgraduate course of Autism for children BUT I found one of the entry requirements prevent me for doing that which is holder a good bachelor as 75% , but I got pass as 61.90% , Will I have the right to study what I want because of this obstacle I faced I love treat children who have autism and related conditions and I can handle with him and I want to achieve one of my dreams that’s study in the UK specifically in University of Birmingham ………Thanks in advance



Unfortunately you don’t meet our entry requirements so it was unlikely your application would be successful.


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I am from Germany. I am 53 years old. My subjekt is life long learning and health literacy.I want to write a dissertation(PhD or DBA) I need professional contact.



You would be best to look at the following pages and contact the staff member whose interests best align with yours:

Hello Ma’am, My name is Shreya and I am interested to pursue M.Sc. in Immunology and Immunotherapy. I already have a M.Tech degree from Birla Institute of Technology in Biotechnology. My goal is to pursue PhD in the field of Immunology. I wanted to know that what are the chances of me getting a PhD opportunity after the program and also how is the research in University of Birmingham.



The research at the university is world leading and all the staff are really supportive. You would need a 2.1 (Hons) in a related subject to apply. Details are available here:


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